Reading & Note-Taking Tip 3: Colour-Coded Critical Thinking

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When taking lots of notes, it's easy to get in a muddle and lose track of your research.

One way to organise your notes is to colour-code them using highlighter pens.

Here's what to do:

Photocopy the relevant section of the journal article, textbook, etc ( DON'T WRITE ON THE ORIGINAL TEXT!)

Using your highlighters, categorise different research themes by colour.

In the example below, a Management student is writing an essay on Fordism, and has used coloured highlighters to identify different arguments.

The student continues to add more colours as their research deepens.

So using highlighters not only helps you to keep your research under control, the colours also provide an instant visual cue that show you where your research is thorough and where you may need to find more evidence.

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