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This summer, and every summer, AHS becomes a hive of activity.

As we wave goodbye to the students in June, we have almost 3000 empty rooms in the city and on campus.

Rather than waste that space, we change from a student service, to a commercial service, generating money for the University outside of the academic year. AHS effectively becomes Bath's biggest budget hotel and hostel accommodation each summer.

We go into overdrive, welcoming bed and breakfast guests, conferences and summer schools throughout the summer months.

Whether it's families on a weekend away, backpackers from abroad travelling in the UK or stag and hen parties in the city for a celebration, we open our doors to the world and enable them to explore and enjoy the city of Bath while staying in affordable accommodation.

This year we've launched an advertising and media campaign across the south west and developed social media accounts to help raise awareness and reach more potential customers with our products.

The students return in September, but that doesn't mean we're winding down for the rest of the summer.

Just last week we played host to the Modern Pentathlon European Championships, welcoming competitors, officials and fans alike to our campus and accommodation. The events all took place in the Sports Training Village with our friends over at Team Bath key to organising this incredible event.

This premier athletic event and logistical wonder took place on campus from Monday 17 August to Sunday 23 August. And that's not the only sporting presence that we'll have on campus this year.

The Rugby World Cup takes place in England this coming September and October, and the Australian Rugby Union team will be using the University of Bath as a training base throughout their campaign.

It's going to be very exciting to have such high-level competitors with us over the next few weeks and we're honoured to have them here, especially as Bath is such a rugby city. But it's not just sporting heavyweights that we've hosted this summer.

The University has welcomed many conference delegates over recent months, from industries and areas of study as diverse as Mathematics in Education and Industry to naval engineering symposiums and Chinese teaching in the Western world.

We've also been home to Open University students who have lived here on campus in our accommodation as they continue their studies.

Our accommodation on campus has housed hundreds of teenagers from all over Europe and further afield in the summer schools held on campus.

Each year overseas pupils attending courses run by Ardmore and Target come to the University of Bath to learn English. It's a great opportunity for young people to experience University life and another culture, and it's something we love doing.

We don't stop there though. All year round we're welcoming guests from all over the world to the beautiful city of Bath and to our wonderful University, and you'll be able to keep up to date with all the latest news and updates from us in AHS, right here.

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