Top 10 tips to reduce your plastic use

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We’re committed to being environmentally friendly and have made several changes to reduce plastic use in our bars and restaurants.

Help us save the planet and also think carefully about the plastic you use on a daily basis.

1) Take your own reusable cup when buying takeaway hot drinks (you’ll save money and the environment).

Keep cups


2) Take time out to eat in. Instead of rushing off, sit down and enjoy 10 minutes out.

3) Take a reusable container when buying takeaway food (you’ll save money and the environment).

4) Carry a shopping bag so you don’t have to keep using carrier bags.

5) Say no to plastic straws (don’t worry, we don’t stock them on campus any more).

Plastic straws

6) Only take a disposable cup lid if you really need one.

7) Carry a reusable water bottle. You can fill it up at water fountains across campus.

8) Don’t use sachets of sauces, use our bottles instead.

Sauce bottles

9) Don’t use plastic cutlery, bring your own or use wooden instead.

10) Finally, if you do have to use plastic, make sure you recycle it in our bins across campus.

Posted in: Bars and eateries

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  • Thank you for a great article! It is short but very detailed. I am shocked at how much garbage is produced daily because we are lazy. I try to reduce plastic in my life every day. This article is like the Ten Commandments.