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Lecture Companion: the idea

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Every day, every student will go to lectures and take notes, but the way people do this varies greatly. Some people annotate printed handouts of slides while others rely on just writing down the key facts, but a method which is increasingly popular is the use of tablets and other mobile devices. With this, however, there are many difficulties due to the lack of a universally used file type, the requirement to log into Moodle to download these slides and the need to do this for every lecture, manually.

I have entered the Jisc Student Ideas Competition with my idea for an app, Lecture Companion (click the link to view my entry, and add your vote). This idea will, if carried forward to the next stage of the competition, will be developed into a working app for students everywhere to use. I hope to be able to use this competition, which was recommended to me by Keith Brown at the university, as an opportunity to change the way students make notes.

Lecture Companion

The front page of the app, showing a list of a student's units and the lectures within them.

My hope is to be able to offer a system which automatically downloads and organises lecture slides on students' mobile devices, cutting out the middle man of Moodle, and negate the need to have multiple other apps installed for editing the different file types used by different lecturers. In addition to this, the lecture slides can be annotated by students in whichever way they prefer.

Lecture Companion

The lecture slides in use on the app, allowing annotation or the addition of text to accompany provided notes.

The option to annotate or type will give students the choice to make notes in the way that they are most comfortable. By bringing together lecture slides for students, Lecture Companion makes it much easier to focus on the important part of lectures, the lectures themselves!

If developed into an app, Lecture Companion has the potential to completely change how students make notes, by offering a way to make notes exactly how students want.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first (short) blog post on the development of Lecture Companion from an idea to a real app available to all students. If you haven't done so already, it takes just a few clicks and your email address to register your vote. A direct link to do this can be found here, voting closes on Tuesday the 26th of May.

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