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First of all, a huge thank you to everyone! There was no way that I would have progressed to the next stage of the competition without your votes and support. Lecture Companion has successfully been selected by Jisc as one of the ten entries to the Student Ideas category be carried forward for further development.

This is a very exciting time because I am now one step closer to turning the idea into an app, with the help of Jisc. Later on this summer I will be travelling to a planning course for the app in Manchester, then pitching the idea to Jisc in London to hopefully progress further and develop the app fully into a real product. The goal has always been to develop something that everyone will be able to use every day at university to enhance the learning experience, and this is now becoming more possible.

I am sure things will soon start to pick up speed as work starts on turning the app from just an idea to a working prototype. This will be entirely new to me, as I have never developed anything close to an app before - the closest thing to this being tinkering with Rainmeter skins for use on computers. Hopefully the development of Lecture Companion will be a great learning experience with an even better outcome, benefiting students across the country.

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