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Quantitative Results of University Athena SWAN Survey 2016

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So, a month ago I provided a summary on the number of responses we had on completion rates for the University and summaries of the numerical results.  We have completed some further analysis to identify whether there are similar views/responses based on Gender, Faculty, School and staff Grades.  The links below provide copies of the results.

The next update will provide details of the qualitative analysis of your comments.  The end sections of the survey enabled staff to provide their views in a number of areas these are being analysed to identify e.g. common themes and to assist in creating an action plan that aligns with staff needs. Once we have the final report identifying the key findings and themes, I will upload these to the blog.

Next Steps - Action Plan - University Wide Consultation

The USAT is in the process of completing a proposed action plan and we will start the consultation process during February 2017.  The Faculty Champions and USAT committee have been very active at gaining input from members of the University and I would like to thank them for all their support so far.  I hope you will assist us further by providing your comments during the consultation process.

As always if you have any comments/thoughts please email the Athena SWAN USAT team at

I hope you enjoy the read.

Linda Newnes

USAT Chair

Responses of Academic Staff by Gender - SWAN Survey 2016

Responses of Academic Staff by Grade - SWAN Survey 2016

Responses of Academic Staff by Faculty & School - SWAN Survey 2016

Responses of PDR Staff by Gender - SWAN Survey 2016

Responses of PDR Staff by Faculty and School - SWAN Survey 2016


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