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In the last semester, we've had a great session held in the TV Studio:


We've helped to stage a mock media interviews, to give students the feeling of being quizzed on topics.

The session was run by Dr Jess Francombe-Webb in the Department for Health, and Research Marketing Manager, Andy Dunne.

This led to a Radio 4-style interview, conducted in the University’s TV studio, where students were given the opportunity to expand on the policy proposal and dodge difficult questions.
The interview was played at the start of their launch event to set the scene.

You can listen to the programme here


Victorian thoughts of technology


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We've been looking through an old set of pictures of what the Victorian age commentators thought technology would be like in the 2000s.

It's certainly fascinating to see them!

How schools might function:


Using helicopters to scout:

Helicopter Scouts

Getting around in taxis in the air:

Aero Cabs

Remote theatre shows:

Remote theatre shows

It's fascinating to see that the theatre option has already happened.... but we're waiting for the others!



CES 2016 - Update 1

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With the start of CES 2016 today, several products have been launched - some of the early notifications are:

Panasonic Technics Turntable

Two Technics SL-1200 models were unveiled - one of which is limited to a run of 1,200 units - marking the first update in years to the brand.

Panasonic has said the launch was inspired by a resurgence in vinyl record sales - they ceased production of Technics turntables (originally) in 2010.

Kodak Super 8 digital camera

Kodak has also announced an initiative to revive the Super 8 video format and is presenting a prototype of a new Kodak Super 8 camera.

It features digital functionality - including an LCD screen allowing users to frame and view recorded scenes live.


News from CES can be followed on their Website:
or on Twitter: #CES2016


Consumer Electronics Show - CES2016

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Tomorrow marks the start of one of the largest technology shows in the world - CES2106 in Las Vegas.

One of the previews comes from LG, who are  demonstrating a bendable LED screen:


Further review of this can be found here:

There's more information on the CES website:

We'll post some highlights this wee as they come up.


BBC Question Time

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The University is hosting Question Time tomorrow night (10 December), and we thought that you might like to have a preview of what goes on behind the scenes to build a set.


This is the set being built in the Edge Theatre!

Be sure to catch it tomorrow night on BBC1....


The set is now complete - and looking good!




Looking Back - Intel

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Yesterday saw the 44th anniversary (15 Nov 1971) of the Intel 4004 microprocessor.

This marked the first time a user-programmable microprocessor was available on the general market.
These were snapped up, both by Universities to use in research and teaching; and by manufacturers in equipment. They were used in all sorts of products - from calculators, to computers; to gaming machines:

Interestingly, you could get the processor to interface to a centralised computer system to display the output from the processor.

Luckily, we haven't got to do anything like as complicated these days to be able to programme a microcontroller, or to get a displayed output.
Indeed, most mobile 'phones are far more powerful than these microprocessors. Progress has been startling in 44 years!

To find out more:
Story of Intel 4004



New Product - Digital Paper from Sony

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This morning we had a demonstration from Sony for a new product: Digital Paper.

Digital Paper is a platform to manage documents. The device is not meant for reading books on - like a Kindle. It is a purpose built paper replacement for PDF reading - Onto which you can annotate, and note-take. Sony appears not to be going after the book reading market, but rather legal documents, scripts, contracts and text books or articles for education. It is fairly unique in the tech universe. It's a device that comes in a tablet form factor, but it's decidedly unlike any tablet on the market.

It is a very useful device that can read solely PDFs, and copes with you being able to annotate them, or with writing on it...very well. We saw that this device can display share (through a cable). Battery life is expected to be in excess of 2 weeks of frequent daily use.

It doesn't run games. It doesn't run apps. It can't connect to an online bookstore or even read e-books in common formats like epub.  It's just for reading documents — specifically PDFs — and taking notes.

This display output means that we could capture the device live for RE:view, offering some compatibility for capturing writing.

There is a roadmap of developments, and they have asked if we would like to be in the pilot test group - which we will gladly do. There are issues that need to be addressed..... It is not the fastest of devices (like a Kindle), and there would need to be some engineering work  to make it work with the present classroom infrastructure....

However....our overall conclusion is that Sony is on to something with this product.

If anyone would like to be part of the trial - please contact Rob in AV (

More information about the product is here:



Camera Tracking

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Our colleagues at Durham University have been testing the new version of the Swivl camera mount.

The product looks interesting - but their testing has highlighted a few issues.

We'll obviously monitor the outcome to see if it becomes something we may like to look at in the future.


8W Project Update - 2 June 2015

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The  8W refurbishment continues at some pace. We should be having Level 2 rooms handed back to us late on Friday evening.

There are some changes in the rooms:

All the rooms will be fully HD and Widescreen.
All the rooms will have new controllers, lecterns, visualisers, and screens.

There has also been an upgrade to all of the wiring infrastructure in the rooms - so we should be much better placed for future operations.





The fixed seating is returning to the lecture theatres today (new).


Looking back - History of Sony

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We've noticed recently that there have been some profiles of several established companies published on Gizmodo.

The recent release of the Sony profile makes interesting reading, showing off several bits of technology that have become ubiquitous.