Making sense of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU with the help of University of Bath academics

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  • Three warnings for the UK from Down Under

    ‘Brexit is just more proof the Poms have gone mad. As if we needed it’ said my colleague at Flinders University. And then she laughed. A lot. Obviously this was banter – and no self-respecting Aussie is going to pass...

  • The problems with predicting the post-Brexit economy

    Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU in 2016, there has been a constant debate on how this would affect the UK and EU economies. The results from the macroeconomic and microeconomic analyses have mostly tended to show that...

  • SMEs and supply chains: Can they get ahead of the curve?

    A Brexit deal is 'almost within touching distance', according to Cabinet Office minister David Lidington interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. What will this mean for UK businesses? Without knowing the exact bend of the curve, companies, small and...

  • The DUP, Brexit and the Irish border

    With less than 150 days until the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, the government claims to have 95 per cent of the Brexit deal ticked off. Within the remaining five per cent is an issue which shows no clear...

  • Britain's Future Relationship with the EU

    The October EU summit in Brussels should have marked the moment of agreement between the UK and EU on how to organise an orderly departure for the UK, including some broad guidelines as to the shape future relations will take....

  • The realities of Brexit

    The recent October EU summit in Brussels was widely predicted as a key moment in the formulation of a Brexit deal between the UK and the EU. In reality, despite some words of encouragement on both sides of the negotiating...