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Presentation and Tour to Constructing Excellence

Presentation and Tour to Constructing Excellence

The Building Research Park has welcomed tour and visits from Construction Associations since the opening including Constructing Excellence and the Zero Carbon Hub. The increasing awareness of the facility is providing real interest to a Construction industry striving to find ways to create low impact and sustainable infrastructure. These events are not only helping to promote the awareness of the Building Research Park but starting to bring questions from industry experts that need answers if the carbon targets are to be met. "What do we do with existing housing stock?" "How can we build more efficiently?" "Why does the product I specify not perform the way it should?"

The Building Research Park is offering the platform to allow construction researchers and specialists a solution to their research needs that will help answer these questions. Welcoming the research potential and enquiries that the facility is being brought, it is becoming clear that the need to find the real life realities and solutions to construction materials and technologies needs this flexible platform to get the answers.


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