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How To Effectively Follow-Up After A Careers Fair


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Wow! The Autumn Careers Fair was busy today! It was great to see so many University of Bath students engaged in conversations with recruiters on campus. It might be useful to think about what you learnt from talking to the exhibitors and consider the steps below to progress your career planning!

First up, step back and reflect on what you learnt at the fair. Which companies did you engage with and were excited about speaking to? Was there a company there that you could see yourself working for in the future? Did anything specific stand out from the conversations you had – for example the career progression opportunities, the company culture? Next make a list of the exhibitors you chatted with in a list of preference. Go online, research them further and if you are considering applying for a placement, internship or graduate role then make a note of their application deadlines.

If you exchanged business cards then you must follow up with a personalised thank-you email. You could consider attaching your CV. If you don’t have the exhibitors contact details why not shout-out to an employer and say thanks for their help a few days after the event on Twitter or Facebook? You will also impress the employer with your ability to ‘think outside the box’.

Finally pop in and see us at the Careers Service – it can be helpful to talk through your reflections. We can support you in creating a job hunting plan, help you identify similar employers and guide you through the application process.


“Tell me about yourself” – an innocent ice-breaker or nightmare interview question?

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A few days ago I delivered a workshop on Preparing for Interviews; during the workshop I asked the participants to share their nightmare interview question. It seems one of the most commonly asked interview questions ‘Tell me about yourself’ strikes fear amongst a number of us.

On the face of it, ‘Tell me about yourself’ is an innocent question, designed to break the ice and put you at ease before the actual interview starts. Yet I think it is one of the most difficult questions to answer. At the Careers Service we always encourage students to consider interview questions from the recruiter’s perspective; after all there is a purpose behind every question. When an employer asks, ‘Tell me about yourself’ they want to get a sense of who you are – the person behind the interview mask. This is often the first question asked in an interview; employers will note how confident and articulate you appear. Your response will set the tone for the remainder of the interview.

Our tips for a strong answer are:

  1. Be succinct: one way to approach this question is to prepare a 60-second elevator pitch. Remember you do not need to provide a detailed chronology, just a summary of your experiences.
  2. Prepare: you know this question is coming so prepare an answer in advance. Review the person specification and job description, make a note of the qualities the employer is looking for and tie in relevant skills from your placement or other work experience to the job.
  3. Consider your language: the language you use to describe yourself can create a picture in the interviewers mind about who you are as a person. Employers are consciously and subconsciously assessing whether you are the right ’fit’ within their team and organisation. 10 words you must never use to describe yourself makes for interesting reading.

Interviews take skill and in order to perform well, you have to practice. You may want to consider booking a mock interview with a Careers Adviser; you will not only perfect your technique but also get valuable feedback and coaching on your performance.


Autumn Careers Fair 2014


📥  Careers Fairs

The University of Bath, Autumn Careers Fair will be held on Thursday 16th October from 11am-4pm in the Sports Training Village. 

For those of you who have never been to careers fair, you’re in for a treat: over 135 employers all interested in you and under one roof! We wanted to share some tips so you can make the most of the fair.
Check out the list of employers who are attending (available here ) and do a little bit of background research on each company to help you create a shortlist of companies you want to approach on the day.

Don’t ask questions about information that can easily be found on a company’s website! Use the opportunity to glean information about the company that isn’t easily available. Remember you are talking to another human therefore show interest in what they have to say. Ask them about details of their work, career progression, company culture, the sector, routes in and areas of expansion for their business.

Introduce yourself, say you name and remember to smile! Give a quick personal summary (15 seconds) then go for the questions! Make sure you maintain eye contact and write down any useful snippets as they will help with applications and interviews. Remember to thank them for their time!

Get to the fair early and make sure you dress smart! If you are nervous, ‘warm up’ by approaching companies not on your target list. Approach each employer on your own. Nothing is less appealing (or less professional) than a group of friends arriving together and taking turns asking questions.

If there is a queue forming behind you or if the employer is looking distracted, say your thank you’s and move on!

Good luck and enjoy the fair!