Research Group

Jordan Gardiner

Education: MChem in chemistry with a year abroad at Cardiff University
Project: Fluorescence analysis of glycated proteins
Co-supervisor(s): Prof. Jean van den Elsen

Maria Weber

Education: MChem in chemistry with a year abroad at the University of Edinburgh
Project: Fluorogenic materials for diagnosis and theranostic applications
Co-supervisor(s): Dr Amanda Mackenzie, Prof. Steven Bull

Maria Odyniec

Education: MSci in natural sciences at the University of Bath
Project: Diagnostic and Theranostic Systems
Co-supervisor(s): Prof. Steven Bull

Luling Wu

Education: MSci in chemistry at the Shanghai Normal University, China
Project: Fluorescent sensors for biological redox state
Co-supervisor(s): Prof. Steven Bull

Kathryn Watt

Education: MChem Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, University of St Andrews
Project: Fluorophore labelled peptides for diagnostic and theranostic applications
Main supervisor: Jody Mason Co-supervisor(s): Tony James, Robert Williams

Xue Tian

Education: MRes Chemistry, University of Bath
Project: Molecular systems for cancer diagnosis and therapy
Co-supervisor(s): Steven Bull