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Welcome, exciting times ahead!

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It has been an exciting few months at the University of Bath as our new CLEVeR facility takes shape.

The building contractors have been busy at work installing the numerous pieces of equipment which will enable us to carry out state-of-the-art emission measurements for vehicles. This new technology will ensure that the emissions from cars out on the open road are not different to those established by traditional laboratory analysis.

Most significant is the completed installation of our four wheel drive dynamometer, more commonly known as a rolling road. This new dynamometer is an upgrade to its two-wheeled predecessor and will allow vehicles to be analysed in a series of real-world driving conditions, but within a precisely controlled laboratory environment. This is essential to allow accurate, repeatable analysis of vehicle performance.

Recently we were delighted to welcome Bath Conservative MP, Ben Howlett, onto campus and show him around the facility in its current development stage.

Bath MP Ben Howlett (left) with Professor Chris Brace (middle) & Dr Jon Hunt (right).

It was great to hear Ben’s ambition for Bath to become a low emission city. We discussed the current air pollution levels in Bath and how we can play our part in the future prosperity of the city as well as the UK.

I’m very much looking forward to unveiling the facility on 24 September. Not only will it allow us to conduct essential research in the areas of future fuels, electric and hybrid cars but it will also enable us to transform the automotive sector and address current and future challenges associated with low carbon vehicles and the wider automotive industry.

Chris Brace is Professor of Automotive Propulsion and Deputy Director of the Powertrain Vehicle Research Centre.