Windows issue: Folder too long to copy.....

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You're at your computer, running Windows and you want to open, edit or save a file and you just...cant. The computer won't let you, it says the folder is too long to copy.

This can be very frustrating, especially since it can make a simple task in your working day take much more time than it needs to. It is a known issue that affects all versions of Windows, right up to and including Windows 10.

So, what's the problem?.

Simply, it appears to stem from people giving files and folders really long names and then having lots of nested folders.

The solution:

There are a couple of work arounds, for example, if you really must have long file names and nested folders, these include tools that aren’t affected by the path length limit (eg Total Commander) or mapping a separate drive letter to a longer path in the folder structure.

Ultimately though, the shortening of folder names and less nesting of folders is encouraged where possible, as this should put an end to the problem.

You can read more information about this know issue, on How To Geek

For those of you who want a really techinical explanation, read this blog post.


Posted in: Computing Services


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  • The other solution, of course, is to use an operating system, rather than Windows. I wish I could practice what I preach 🙂