Phishing email with your name as the subject line

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We have been made aware that staff and students have been sent a phishing email that has the recipient name as the subject and asks them to open an attachment to see what information scammers may have on them.  Please be aware that this is a phishing attempt.  The attachment is malware. Please delete the email.

If you have opened the attachment please visit the Service Desk on Level 2 of the Library, or log a help ticket for further advice.

Here is an example of the phishing email.

From: Random Address

To: Forename Surname <>

Subject: Recipient Name

Hello, xxxx!

I am disturbing you for a very critical matter. Allhough we are not familiar, but I have large ammount of information concerning you. The thing is that, most probably mistakenly, the information of your account has been emailed to me.

For example, your address is:

Xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx

Xxxxxx xxxx


Postcode: xxxxx

I am a law-obedient citizen, so I decided to personal details may have been hacked. I attached the file - that I received, that you could find out what info has become obtainable for scammers. Document password is - xxxx

I look forward to hearing from you,


Posted in: Computing Services


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