The year 2038 problem

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You may be aware of a potential issue (similar to the millennium bug), known as the 'Year 2038 problem'.  This problem relates to the limitations of some software to store and process the date and time beyond 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038.

Although year 2038 is a long way off, this could be a problem for some software that references dates far into the future.  For example a calendar system that counts and stores appointments for 20 years into the future, will start seeing issues in 2018.

We hope that this shouldn't affect the vast majority of software used within the University and we are taking steps to check commonly used software.  However, we advise you to report any unusual behaviour with software, such as it crashing unexpectedly and/or displaying the incorrect date/time.

For further reference, please see relevant articles from The Guardian or Wikipedia.

If you are concerned that the software you use may be affected, then please get in touch with your IT Support Team via our Self-Service Portal.



Posted in: Computing Services


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