Our journey to the cloud with Office 365

Isn’t it time that the tech we use at work gave us the flexibility and the value that we’re used to from apps we use every day like Facebook, Linkedin or our favourite brands?   We want to liberate you to work and learn in a way that suits you. We are taking steps that will make it easy for you to connect and collaborate, from anywhere, on any device, whilst knowing that your content and identity is safe.

Leading edge technologies are already driving our learning, research and collaboration experience across the University.  We are proud of the service and level of choice available to our community but we’re on a mission to keep bringing you better tools and ways of working!

With this in mind, we have launched an exciting project to bring a collection of apps and software to everyone across the University.  We will provide a flexible, rich learning and collaboration experience, regardless of where you choose to work.

Our ‘Collaborate. Share. Achieve.' project will see Microsoft Office 365 roll out to our entire community.

Not sure what Office 365 is?  It’s a cloud-based solution that offers modern versions of the apps you already use, such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as some incredible new apps such as OneNote, Teams and OneDrive. These apps will make connecting with colleagues easier and allow you to work whenever and wherever you choose on the device of your choice.

"I am proud of the IT service we deliver at The University of Bath, but we are determined to keep improving and moving some of our services to the cloud is an important step. We are really excited about what is coming and the impact that these tools are going to have across the University. They will allow people to work in new ways, using familiar, simple software – this is an evolution of some of our core systems, which starts with email.”

Alex Butler, Chief Digital and Information Officer

The roll-out of new apps, such as OneNote and Teams, are due to commence in February 2019 and further information will be shared about this in future blog posts. For now, though, the first change you will see is our email system.

Email, Calendar and Tasks

In order to pave the way for the full launch of Office 365 in 2019, we are going to bring a new email experience to staff and students before the Christmas holidays.

In addition to email, this initial rollout will also include updates to your calendar and Skype for Business services. A new task management app, called Tasks, will also be made available.

The new email experience will offer:

  • a new webmail service
  • increased inbox storage (50GB per user)
  • the ability to send attachments up to 25MB
  • enhanced security to safeguard you from phishing attacks and SPAM.

These updates to your email will take place on the weekend of the 8 and 9 December, with everything being available via the new Office 365 service on Monday 10 December.


Next Steps

This rollout will have minimal disruption to most users, particularly those who use the “desktop” version of Outlook. Your emails, contacts and calendar will be migrated to the new system, but we are going to need you to make some minor amendments to your Outlook applications (both desktop and mobile) in order to fully activate your enhanced service.

We will be sharing a series of blog posts, emails, how-to guides and videos in the coming weeks, to ensure you have all the support you need before we go live on 10 December.  In the lead up, we will also be providing additional support resources for both staff and students, in case you need some help getting everything set up.

So please save the date of 10 December and keep an eye out for future updates from Computing Services on the staff home page, student home page, our blog and on Twitter. There are exciting times ahead…

Until next time!

Alex Butler (Chief Digital and Information Officer)

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  • As written, the e-mail suggests that there is no e-mail between Friday 7th and Monday 10th. How does this work for those of us who have to work weekends in order to fulfil our workloads.

    • Hi James,

      Your access to email will be briefly interrupted between 9pm on Friday 7 December and 9am Monday 10 December.



  • I work for a lot of the year in India, in a state with slow internet speeds. For example I cannot watch the 2 minute introductory video as my connection is not good enough to download it! Does this new cloud system require fast internet?