‘Collaborate. Share. Achieve’ - one week to go

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The first step in our exciting ‘Collaborate. Share. Achieve’ project, powered by Office 365, is almost upon us.

Office 365 will offer greater flexibility in how you work and collaborate with stakeholders both inside and outside the University. There will also be enhanced features, such as a report phishing button available directly within Outlook which will keep you safe and secure.

Our launch blog post shared last week highlights some of the wider benefits of the project and showcases some of the new apps and services that will be made available to you next year.

Your new email experience will go live on Monday 10 December. We will be working behind the scenes over the weekend of 8 and 9 December to ensure everything is ready to go when you log in on Monday. There may be a slight interruption to your service over this weekend for a few seconds.

All of your data and content will be safe and secure during this migration. You don’t need to backup or archive anything. We have this covered.

Collaboration and Ease of Access

As part of this process, we are making some updates to your email address that will make it easier for you to access all your new cloud-based Office 365 services.

To enable this seamless approach to access your new Office 365 applications and services, you will see a slight change to how your email address will be structured.

From 10 December, when you send emails they will originate from your University username, not your original longer email address. For example, an email from Ann Other will now come through as "From: Ann Other <ano44@bath.ac.uk>", rather than "From: Ann Other <A.N.Other@bath.ac.uk>". Email sent to your longer email address, such as A.N.Other@bath.ac.uk, will still work.

The majority of email clients display your full name, rather than the email address so most of your email recipients won’t notice any changes.

However, this will not affect shared mailboxes that are used across the University, for example, "shared-mailbox@bath.ac.uk". These email addresses will remain the same.

As part of this email migration, there are a couple of minor amendments that you need to carry out within Skype for Business on 10 December. Assistance is available via our email migration self-help guides.

 Help and Support

The email migration should have minimal disruption for most people. We will be providing resources for staff and students who will be able to help with any issues. Our set of email migration self-help guides will be available to offer guidance. If you still need help, you can always contact us.

Our ‘Collaborate. Share. Achieve’ project, powered by Office 365, is going to unlock new and exciting ways to work and collaborate. Following the email migration, the next key phase is going to take place early next year and will include a broader rollout of exciting apps and services. These include Microsoft Teams, OneNote, OneDrive and more.

We look forward to sharing more information with you soon!

Alex Butler (Chief Digital and Information Officer)


Posted in: Communications & Collaboration, Computing Services, Email


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