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Update: Research storage now fully available


📥  Servers and Storage

We have now resolved  the issues that were affecting the Research Data storage facilities. We are also in the process of bringing additional capacity on line and as soon as this is operational, we will be migrating storage to this.

We will continue to monitor the storage, if you are still encountering problems with accessing your research data, please submit an IT help ticket.

Thank you for your understanding, while we investigated these issues.


Research storage issues


📥  Servers and Storage

Research storage users may be encountering issues with their data stored on X:\DepartmentName\ResearchProjects\Name 

Symptoms vary, but generally users will see an error message warning that they can't save to their storage area because it's full. Data will be read only during this time.

We are aware of this issue and are working to implement a solution as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about this issue, please log a help ticket.

IT services unavailable during weekend of 17 and 18 December 2016


📥  Computing Services, Servers and Storage

Please log out of your PC, Friday 16 December 2016, before leaving for the weekend.  Many IT services will be unavailable from 7am Saturday 17 December  2016.  Email, Wi-Fi and access to the internet will be available if you access them from your personal device.  On Sunday 18 December please check the status of different services at   

Services affected by the maintenance include

• Access to active directory PCs connected to the University network (staff computers, public access computers in the Library and in general teaching areas)
• 'H' drive storage and your roaming profile (used when you log in)
• Linux desktops
• Sunrays
• Remote desktop services (UniDesk, UniApps, AdminDesk, AdminApps and UniDeskLR)
• (personal web space)
• Scanning on managed print devices
• Archibus Web Central (ARCHIBUS facilities management software)
• Business Objects
• CRIS (Current Research Information System)
• LMF (Learning Materials Filestore)
• Pure
• RT
• SAMIS (client software)
• Sympa email lists
• Wiki
• Web – read only web root available for upgrade
• X drive – departmental and some research storage

Available services include:

Email, Wi-Fi and access to the internet if you use your own device.

Work Completion

We will tweet from @UniofBathIT once work has been completed. You can check the status of different services at

Many thanks for your patience while we upgrade our NetApps service and carry out this important work to increase our storage capacity.


Secure sharing with files.bath

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📥  Servers and Storage

If you’re a researcher or academic working on a project with a colleague from another University or organisation, wherever you are in the world, there’s an easier and secure way to share your large research files quickly. From 9am on Tuesday 19 January, you'll be able to use Files.Bath.

Files.bath provides you with an area to create folders and share them with others or just share files, such as large documents or media.

How it works - the seven steps of sharing

  1. You need to sign in with your University of Bath username and password
  2. You'll need to click on the plus (+) to create a folder to store the files you'd like to share
  3. Once created, click on the plus (+) again and upload the files
  4. Choose the file to share and a right hand panel will appear
  5. Enter the email address of your recipient and create a password to protect this
  6. You'll need to tell the recipient what the password is
  7. They will be sent an email letting them know you have shared a file with them


What makes files.bath more secure than clients such as Dropbox, is because it is hosted on the University of Bath network. This means your sensitive data and research is not stored outside of the University and only you can grant access to those who need to see it by setting a password that only they are given.

Visit the files.bath page to try it out.


Please note: If you have added custom settings to your files.bath account before the upgrade (such as adding your Google Drive) you will need to set these up again if you want to share files.


New faces

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📥  Computing Services, Servers and Storage

The Department has recently welcomed a number of new faces, one of whom is Dusty. Dusty is a guide dog and belongs to Mesar Hameed who works with Unix Systems in Computing Services. Dusty has settled in well and appears to be enjoying her time getting to know the staff and surroundings of the 2 South building. As a working guide dog there are a number of guidelines you can use to help Dusty settle into her new role. Mesar has kindly written the following:

  • If she is wearing her harness please ignore her and do not make eye contact or talk to her, she knows she is working, and should not be tempted to break the work/play boundaries.
  •  If she is on the lead please ask me if you would like to fuss her before doing so.
  •  Never feed her, if there is a treat give it to me and I can hand it over. The reason for this is that we don't want a guide dog to identify treats witha person other than the owner, to avoid losing focus while working, which  might lead to an accident.
  • For those that have allergies or do not like the company of dogs, most of the time she will be leashed to my desk/playing with her toys so should not be roaming around.

We are all really pleased to have Dusty joining the Computing Services team and would like to welcome her to her new career at the University.


Dusty and Mesar are qualified.

Dusty and Mesar are qualified.

Dusty qualifies as a guide dog

Dusty wearing her harness