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Making your office moves easier


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Moving locations can be stressful so we have introduced the Office Move Request form to the IT Help portal to make it more straightforward.  Please submit the form 14 days or more before you move.  We will use the details in the form to start a conversation with you and work to make sure the set-up of IT in your new location goes smoothly.

Access the Office Move Request form

  1. Log into IT Help
  2. Select 'New Requirement'
  3. Select 'Request an IT Service'
  4. Select 'Office Move Request'
  5. Fill out as much information as possible
  6. Select 'Submit'

Happy moving!



From Monday January 16 Faculty IT Supporters are on the move


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From Monday 16 January, IT supporters will be moving to a new home. This means that they will no longer be based within the Faculties. This move ties in with the relocation of the remaining Computing Services staff to the refurbished 6 West building. Our IT training facilities are moving too.

The way you ask for help isn't changing and you can request IT support by logging a support ticket in the usual way.

This is the first time that many of our IT supporters and Service Desk staff have worked side by side. We believe that this move will provide greater efficiency of the IT support we provide to our customers and additionally the opportunity to design more innovative solutions to make your working life easier. A few of the benefits are:

  • Collaborative working - with all  our IT colleagues in one space
  • Shared knowledge - with such a wide range of varied expertise, we can share knowledge
  • Eliminating risks of single points of failure.

As supporters will no longer be based in the departments, we would  like to use this opportunity to encourage greater communication between you, your department and User Services and we welcome ideas to facilitate this.



'It's broken' versus 'I need something', an easier way of getting IT support, September 2016

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We are introducing a cleaner look to the online tool which you use to send and track requests for IT help and support.  You will initially choose between two options. Think, 'it's broken' versus 'I need something'. You will then click through and route your request to the right team.  You will see the new design when you submit your IT enquiry after Wednesday, 7 September 2016.

Submitting an IT support enquiry online after Wednesday, 7 September 2016

We want to make the process of reporting faults or requesting services via the Self-Service Portal as easy as possible for you to use.   First, you make a choice.

Your choice

'Report a fault' - use this when your IT is broken.  You will be able to choose between IT specific faults and teaching room faults.  Examples include a projector not working in a teaching room or a broken printer.

'New Requirement' - use this when you need or want something to help you improve the IT you are using at work.  Examples include booking support with a learning and teaching room, getting more storage or needing new toner.

Additional changes that will help you get the IT support you need

My requests – you can review your open requests and it will eventually include statistics on how we manage tickets.

TOPdesk app - you can download an app to your Android or iOS phone which will allow you to submit IT support requests.

Service Disruptions window - you will be able to view known problems that are affecting customers.  You will be able to add yourself to this if you are being affected by the issue and it will help us and you know the impact of the issue.  This will also help us solve it faster.

Why we are making these changes

We want to make it easier for you to get the IT support you need.  That is why we are introducing a more straightforward choice and additional features like better My requests tracking and a TOPdesk app.

We will continue to improve our support to you with new self-help documentation, a service catalogue to allow you to access the right services and listening to feedback gathered from surveys within TOPdesk and other feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you.


New look to Self Service IT support portal

A representation of the new Self Service IT support portal


Get help with your smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac wherever you are

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You can get IT Help with your smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac without visiting the Service desk or waiting for an IT Supporter to visit your desk. We are using a new device support service which allows us to remotely identify and fix many of your IT problems.

How it works

There will be times when a supporter needs to take control of your device for a short period of time in order to identify and fix an IT problem.  You will be asked to follow a few steps before any remote support session can start. Typically the steps will be:

  • Visit our Support portal at
  • Enter a session key
  • Confirm you are happy for the IT support session to go ahead
  • Run the file when prompted (you will see a file which starts Bomgar)
  • Click OK to accept the remote session

A chat room window will open so you can follow what is happening.

Please note that some devices need a few more set up steps than others.  For example to set up a session on your iPad and iPhone you will need to connect it to a Mac running Yosemite or later.    Your supporter will give you any additional information needed.

An improved service

Our customers use many devices with different operating systems.  The introduction of this service allows us to help fix problems more quickly and more often wherever the person may be.   This service cannot be used in all circumstances, for example a computer not turning on will still need an in person visit.  However we are pleased that the service has worked successfully since its roll out and are extending the service to include third party companies that support the University, further enhancing the security, control and auditing of the work that they carry out on our behalf.

Service Desk Wins for Student Employer of the Year Award

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The IT Service Desk recieved some exciting news this month when they learnt that they had been nominated for a SEOTY (Student Employer of the year) award by University of Bath student and Computing Services employee, Jules Farrow. The nomination culminated in an awards ceremony on Tuesday 26 May, where Service Desk manager, Naomi Eastman was presented with the award on behalf of the Service Desk team. The team were nominated by Jules Farrow, who is studying for a BSc (hons) in Computer Information Systems. Jules often works within Computing Services and had the following to say about his time on the Service Desk:

'By employing a number of University of Bath students at the IT Help Desk, Naomi (Service Desk Manager) and Adrian Moore (Service Manager, Service Desk) provide an excellent opportunity to gain invaluable work experience, expand your professional network and earn some additional money - all things that I have found vital to both my student life and as a huge kick-start into my professional career'.

We would like to congratulate the Service Desk on their achievement and thank Jules for his nomination.

Naomi Eastman, Jules Farrow and Adrian Moore

Naomi Eastman (Service Desk Manager), Jules Farrow and Adrian Moore (Service Manager) with their certificate



The Service Desk team celebrate their win

The Service Desk team celebrate their win