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Reduced IT Support Friday 16 December 2016 midday - 5pm

📥  reduced support

IT support on campus will be reduced for the afternoon, Friday 16 December 2016 and the following services will close at midday:

  • Help Desk in the Library
  • Campus Computer Shop in the Library

Contact IT Help if you have any IT problems and we will respond as soon as we can.  Normal service will resume, Monday 19 December 2016 at 9am.

If you have an emergency IT issue, please call 01225 383434 / internal 3434.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


SAMIS unavailable, 20 and 21 December 2016

📥  Computing Services, SAMIS

SAMIS will be unavailable, Tuesday and Wednesday 20 and 21 December 2016.  This is a significant upgrade and, as recommended by our software supplier, we have set aside two days to complete the work.

We need time to back-up the databases and complete underlying work on the servers and databases before the upgrades commence.  For this reason, we would ask users to stop using SAMIS by 6pm on Monday, 19 December.

Unavailable applications

The following applications will be unavailable for the duration of the upgrade:

  • University user account creation & some other computing services user account tools
  • Application Tracker
  • Online Applications
  • SAMIS bookings (PG Skills, University Open Days, UCAS Open Days)
  • Applicant username and password generation
  • Registration
  • SAMIS on the Web (Student and Staff: includes Unit Evaluation and Coursework Coversheet printing and scanning)
  • Student Lookup
  • Access to Student Information Desk (SID)
  • SAMIS Desktop Client (Staff only)
  • Business Objects (SAMIS-related reports only)
  • Learning Materials Filestore (LMF)

SAMIS client users will be informed by email when SAMIS is available again or you can follow the news on twitter @UniofBathIT.  Check the status of SAMIS at

Connections to SAMIS

Data to / from SAMIS and other systems will not update during the upgrade. If you are responsible for any technical interfaces to/from SAMIS, please ensure that your connections to the database will not be attempting to run during this period. Systems that provide data to or get data from SAMIS include:

  • UCAS
  • Moodle
  • HUB
  • CareerHub
  • Room Service
  • Agresso
  • PURE
  • Student Loan Company
  • Students' Union (MSL)
  • Exam Timetable

Thank you for your patience while this necessary upgrade takes place. unavailable 8 December to 11 December

📥  Computing Services

The Minitab website will be unavailable from midnight on Thursday 8 December until 9pm on Sunday 11 December. This is due to Minitab carrying out maintenance on their website. The following sections of the website will be unavailable during this time:

• Online Technical Support
• Licensing Downloads including the Minitab License Manager and the Minitab License Borrowing Tool
• Trial downloads of Minitab Products
• Online documentation
• Minitab customer accounts
• Quality Trainer

Many thanks for your understanding.


Managed Print Service - reduction in print job retention time to 25 hours


📥  Computing Services

As we’re coming into a very busy hand in period we are making some changes to the time a print job is retained within the system and when you select the Print and Keep option on a printer.

We are reducing the print job retention time to 25 hours. This is a precautionary measure to reduce the slowness in the service we have experienced during the last two weeks.

The reduction in retention time will come into effect Tuesday 6 December and will be in effect until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.  Read our guide to alternative printing options.

Check the status of managed print on the IT status page

Report a problem with our managed print service




IT services unavailable during weekend of 17 and 18 December 2016


📥  Computing Services, Servers and Storage

Please log out of your PC, Friday 16 December 2016, before leaving for the weekend.  Many IT services will be unavailable from 7am Saturday 17 December  2016.  Email, Wi-Fi and access to the internet will be available if you access them from your personal device.  On Sunday 18 December please check the status of different services at   

Services affected by the maintenance include

• Access to active directory PCs connected to the University network (staff computers, public access computers in the Library and in general teaching areas)
• 'H' drive storage and your roaming profile (used when you log in)
• Linux desktops
• Sunrays
• Remote desktop services (UniDesk, UniApps, AdminDesk, AdminApps and UniDeskLR)
• (personal web space)
• Scanning on managed print devices
• Archibus Web Central (ARCHIBUS facilities management software)
• Business Objects
• CRIS (Current Research Information System)
• LMF (Learning Materials Filestore)
• Pure
• RT
• SAMIS (client software)
• Sympa email lists
• Wiki
• Web – read only web root available for upgrade
• X drive – departmental and some research storage

Available services include:

Email, Wi-Fi and access to the internet if you use your own device.

Work Completion

We will tweet from @UniofBathIT once work has been completed. You can check the status of different services at

Many thanks for your patience while we upgrade our NetApps service and carry out this important work to increase our storage capacity.


Managed Print Service is down, 30 November



The managed print service is currently not working. To find out about the alternatives you can use please visit our Help Page.

There are also USB printers in the Library and situated around the university.

We are working to get the problem solved as soon as possible and thank you for your patience.

Managed Print


Using SUBTOTAL in Excel


📥  Computing Services, IT Literacy

Hi again,

This blog looks at the Excel function SUBTOTAL and how you might find it useful:

The SUBTOTAL function has two parts within the brackets: the second part is the easy bit - the range of cells you're using; the first part is what (out of 11 options) you want to do with the contents of that range of cells, e.g. add them together (number 9), average them (1) or count them (2 or 3) - the full list is below.

So, if I wanted to use it to sum the cells A3 to A40, I could create the formula =SUBTOTAL(9,A3:A40) instead of using AutoSum to create =SUM(A3:A40)

So, why (I hear you ask) would I want to create a longer formula to do the same thing as SUM? Because it's not quite the same - here's a couple of benefits of using SUBTOTAL:

  • If I have a single column of numbers intermingled with sub-totals and use =SUM to create  a grand total at the end, the grand total would add the numbers and the sub-totals together (for example, if I had the numbers 1 to 4 in B3 to B6 and again in B8 to B11 with sub-totals in B7 and B12, a total of the column would be 40 instead of the correct 20), whereas using the SUBTOTAL option would ignore the subtotals and only add the typed-in numbers together.
  • This second reason is more useful for me: when I filter a list with a SUM at the bottom, the sum still shows the sum of all numbers (hidden and visible) - SUBTOTAL just shows the sum (or any function I've chosen instead of sum) of the visible rows.

Here are the 11 function numbers (the first part within the brackets) for SUBTOTAL:

  • 1 - AVERAGE
  • 2 - COUNT (counts all cells with numbers in them)
  • 3 - COUNTA (counts all cells with contents - numbers or text)
  • 4 - MAX (largest number)
  • 5 - MIN (smallest number)
  • 6 - PRODUCT (multiplies all of the numbers by each other)
  • 7 - STDEV (estimates standard deviation)
  • 8 - STDEVP (calculates standard deviation based on the entire population)
  • 9 - SUM
  • 10 - VAR (estimates variance in the specified range)
  • 11 - VARP (estimates variance based on the entire population)

If you use the AutoSum button with a filtered list, it will automatically create a SUBTOTAL(9, function instead of a SUM - I find this a useful time saver.

One final thing: for staff and students at the University of Bath, we're offering Excel workshops, where you can book a place and then bring your workbook(s) along (or log into one of the training PCs with your normal Bath username) to see how we can help resolve any improvement requirements, issues, niggles, hassles or problems. For more information, click here then select Tutor Led Training, then Excel: Workshop to see the dates/book a place.

Bye for now,



Skype for Business roll-out, November 2016


📥  Computing Services

The roll-out of Skype for Business (Skype) to all staff is going well and will be completed before we break for Christmas this year.   Over the coming weeks staff who are not already using Skype will receive 2 emails, one before their go live date and one on the day.  We are encouraging staff to send an instant message as soon as they can so they get used to using Skype as soon as possible.  Floor walkers from Computing Services will be available to help you open and send your first instant message.

Find out more

Sign up for our training course to explore the different ways you can use Skype for work and research.  Use our guide to accessing Skype on your work computer and your own devices.

If you have any queries about Skype for Business please contact the IT Service Desk.


Account deactivation phishing email - 24 November 2016


📥  Computing Services, Email, Security

We are aware that some users have received a phishing email with the subject line: Deactivation Request. We have made steps to prevent further instances of this email being received.

If you receive one of these emails, delete it and do not open the link.   If you opened the link and completed any information then please get in touch with our Service Desk at

Read our advice on phishing emails.

Example content of the phishing email

Subject: Deactivation Request

Dear Customer,

We received a request to terminate your Email and process has started, kindly give us 24.00 hours to complete your request.

If you did not make this request Please here: undo deactivation request [LINK]

All information on your account will be deleted and access to your online access will be denied.


IT Service



Issues with printing



You may be having an issue printing due to an issue with one of the print queues.

To resolve this issue, you will need to change the default printer on your PC to the PostScript print queue.

How do I change my default printer?

To change the default printer to the PostScript print queue:

Click Start
Select Devices and Printers
Right click on the printer called PostScript on MyPrint
Select Set as default printer

Printing from Microsoft Office or Acrobat

If the PostScript on MyPrint or \\MyPrint\Postscript printer does not appear as the printer:

Select File
Select Print
Click on the down arrow on the printer selection box
Select PostScript on MyPrint or \\MyPrint\PostScript
Click Print

Why is this happening?

There are two main queues within the Managed Print Service – General and PostScript. There is currently an issue affecting the General print queue and a resolution is being investigated.

Thank you for your patience whilst a resolution is investigated.

For all other issues please log a ticket