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Wiki now available


📥  Computing Services

Further to the issue experienced over the last few days with the Wiki, we are pleased to announce that the Wiki is now available again.

The downtime was caused by hardware failures that happened as a result of moving storage to the new datacentre. We have managed to restore the Wiki data from a backup taken in the early hours of Friday 21 April 2017. Unfortunately this does mean that any changes that have been made to Wiki pages and spaces after 12:20am on Friday 21 April have not been restored.

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused due to the downtime and related issues and we would like to thank you for your patience over the last few days.

If you do have any issues with the Wiki that have not been mentioned here then please contact Digital Marketing and Communications at


IT services unavailable during weekend of 17 and 18 December 2016


📥  Computing Services, Servers and Storage

Please log out of your PC, Friday 16 December 2016, before leaving for the weekend.  Many IT services will be unavailable from 7am Saturday 17 December  2016.  Email, Wi-Fi and access to the internet will be available if you access them from your personal device.  On Sunday 18 December please check the status of different services at   

Services affected by the maintenance include

• Access to active directory PCs connected to the University network (staff computers, public access computers in the Library and in general teaching areas)
• 'H' drive storage and your roaming profile (used when you log in)
• Linux desktops
• Sunrays
• Remote desktop services (UniDesk, UniApps, AdminDesk, AdminApps and UniDeskLR)
• (personal web space)
• Scanning on managed print devices
• Archibus Web Central (ARCHIBUS facilities management software)
• Business Objects
• CRIS (Current Research Information System)
• LMF (Learning Materials Filestore)
• Pure
• RT
• SAMIS (client software)
• Sympa email lists
• Wiki
• Web – read only web root available for upgrade
• X drive – departmental and some research storage

Available services include:

Email, Wi-Fi and access to the internet if you use your own device.

Work Completion

We will tweet from @UniofBathIT once work has been completed. You can check the status of different services at

Many thanks for your patience while we upgrade our NetApps service and carry out this important work to increase our storage capacity.