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Multi-tasking in Outlook

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Picture these scenes – I’m sure many of you have encountered at least one of them:

·         You are in Outlook calendar and have just found a meeting you’re due to attend in a couple of weeks’ time. You now need to create and send an email, but don’t want to leave your current calendar appointment view.

·         You are reading an email, which reminds you that you need to book an appointment in your calendar – you want to do this without leaving your email.

·         You are reading an email that contains 3 different tasks that you need to get done. Rather than just flag the email (which will create one task) you want to create separate ones, using text copied from the email, without leaving your Inbox.

Outlook shortcuts that let you multitask

There are 3 Outlook shortcuts that I find really useful in achieving each of the tasks above, without leaving your current Outlook view – they work from any Outlook window.

·         [Shift]&[Ctrl]&[M] will create a new email message.

·         [Shift]&[Ctrl]&[A] will create a new calendar appointment.

·         [Shift]&[Ctrl]&[K] will create a new task.

Each of these will open a new window to create your item and then return to where you are when you’ve sent/saved and closed.

Many thanks to those who added comments or spoke to me about my last IT Training blog.  I hope this one will help you use Outlook more effectively.

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IT Training Blogs

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Hello all. A quick intro: my name is John Baker and I have recently started work at University of Bath as an IT Trainer. One of the benefits I want to bring to you all is a series of IT learning blogs, where I'll feature new applications, useful tips & shortcuts, clever features you may not be aware of and answers to questions.

For starters, here are a few shortcut keys I have found useful when using MS Outlook - these jump between the 4 key views in Outlook:

  • Ctrl&1 goes to Mail
  • Ctrl&2 goes to Calendar
  • Ctrl&3 goes to People
  • Ctrl&4 goes to Tasks

We are extending the training that we offer, including bespoke team or one-to-one sessions. If you want to discuss any IT training needs, please email

If you have any IT-related questions, please use the IT Help Form.

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