Pre-arrival preparations for new students

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Welcome to the 4th edition of the agents newsletter which concentrates on  preparations for students joining our programmes at Bath for English Language courses over the summer and onto our full degree programmes in September. 

We hope this information will help you assist your students in the final stages of their preparations and answer any outstanding questions they may have.

Thank you once again for all your hard work and we look forward to welcoming your students to Bath very soon.

Update on English Language Programme Offers

Official Letters

Our English Language Centre has been sending out unconditional offer letters in the new Tier 4 format since April. These letters contain all the information required for a Tier 4 application and have been set up in conjunction with the University of Bath and as agreed by the UK Border Agency. Please be advised that there is no need to request additions or changes to this letter.

Applying for a visa and paying your tuition fees

We are aware that when an offer is issued from the English Language Centre, some students have then almost immediately sent their tuition fees to Bath, before applying for the visa.  Please be aware that this action can cause considerable delays because we then have to issue an original separate formal receipt letter, quoting the University's receipt number, and this can take a week to 10 days for the Cashier's Office to produce at this time of year, plus time to send them by post.

To avoid such delays:

*Please advise your students that they should EITHER (and preferably) apply for their visa when they receive their unconditional offer letter OR pay the tuition fees and be issued with an unconditional offer including formal receipt.

It would also be very useful if you could report back to us as and when visas have been obtained for our English language programmes to keep us up to date with what is happening in country.

Meet the team

At Bath we have a dedicated welfare team to help our new students plan for their arrival and support them throughout their journey here at Bath and they are busy putting everything in place to ensure our students have a smooth journey and time wih us at Bath. Meet the International Office team here.  

Pre-departure briefings

Each year members of the International Office provide a series of information sessions around the world to University of Bath applicants, preparing them for their studies in the UK. The first round of pre-departure briefings has just taken place in early July and were hosted by Andy Howman, Head of the International Office. In some locations Andy was joined by Bath alumni, who shared their experiences of life in Bath with the new students.

Jo Power from the International Office will also be conducting briefings for students in Hong Kong, Brunei and Malaysia in late August, dates to be confirmed.

Visit here for full details. Although we cannot conduct briefings in every country we still aim to provide our applicants with all the information they need ahead of their arrival in Bath.


We send out a series of pre-arrival emails to all our incoming students throughout the summer addressing some of their key questions, and we have recently added a special section on our website entitled ' Before You Arrive' 

This has information on our airport collection service and plans for orientation and will be regularly updated throughout the summer.

Airport Collection Service

This year the University is once again operating an airport collection service for international students arriving into Heathrow airport. There is a coach service that will take them direct to their University accommodation.  This will cost £10.  International Office representatives will meet them at Terminal 3.  To use the service, they must book a flight that arrives at Heathrow Airport on 26 September before 16:30 or 27 September before 13:30 (there are no late night coaches). 

To book a place, students need to fill-in our online reservation form:

Orientation programme

We’re really looking forward to welcoming all our new international students to Bath in September. Orientation, held immediately prior to the beginning of term, is designed to help new students to settle into University life. There are special sessions for international students, as well as a full programme of events for all to enjoy called Fresher’s Week.

Visit our orientation pages for the International Office programme of events.

New e-prospectus for undergraduate students

We are very aware that as well as being involved in preparations for students coming to Bath over the coming months that fthe fopcus for many of you is already on the new recruitment year for 2010 entry.

The University is delighted to announce that it now has an e-prospectus for prospective undergraduate students. This is a comprehensive online guide to our programmes, featuring a searchable directory with easy navigation, access to our admissions and entry criteria, course details, and student profiles.
It has been designed as a simple, effective tool for prospective students, parents, agents and school counsellors to access all the information you need about applying to Bath in one place. Over the coming weeks departments will also be adding in more detailed advice regarding specific international qualifications criteria for students, and this should provide an excellent tool for you in advising students.
Visit here  to view

An e-prospectus for postgraduate students will also be coming online at the end of the summer.

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