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Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to our April newsletter which focuses on new Masters programmes in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, our Foundation Year entry for 2010, Pre-depature briefings, a new mailout of materials and a request for information from you on how the new CAS system is rolling out in country.

 With Very Best wishes from the Recruitment team, currently dodging the April showers here in Bath !

New Postgraduate programmes in Biology for 2010 entry onwards

Master of Science (MSc)   "A First Step in Graduate Specialisation"

The University of Bath is delighted to offer 7 different Masters programmes new for entry 2010 with specialisations in:

BioSciences, Developmental Biology, Evolutionary and Population Biology, Medical BioSciences, Molecular Microbiology, Molecular Plant Sciences and Protein Structure and Function.

Details at http://www.bath.ac.uk/bio-sci/postgrad/msc/

The other programme in this department is the MSc Industrial Biotechnology & Enterprise - a separate collaborative programme currently only available to students based in India.

Aim of MSc programmes

The aim of each MSc programme is to provide professional-level training that will develop highly skilled bioscientists with strong theoretical, research and transferable skills all of which are necessary to work at the forefront of modern biosciences. An MSc from the University of Bath will be recognised as a graduate award that will be valued by companies and higher education institutions worldwide. Graduates will have a competitive edge in relation to undergraduate students applying for similar positions; they will be able to find posts in industry and government where a working knowledge of the nature and demands of academic research is needed.

Which programme is best for me?

• The MSc in Biosciences is new from 2010 but since September 2002 we have been running a successful one-year, full time MRes degree in BioSciences. The new programme is based on the same design principles as those for the MRes programme but is suitable for those who have undertaken three year undergraduate degrees and/or who have had no laboratory experience. The programme is designed to allow students to customise the programme according to their needs under the guidance of the Director of Studies and to develop the skills needed to undertake a 15 week research project in semester three.

• The MSc in Developmental Biology focuses on the fundamentals of developmental biology with direct relevance to man. The department has outstanding facilities for experimental work using a range of model vertebrate organisms.

• The MSc in Medical BioSciences is designed to provide opportunities for the student to study the theoretical and practical aspects of recent topics in the sciences that underpin modern research related to medicine.

• The MSc in Molecular Microbiology addresses modern problems of microbiology from epidemiology and immunity to emerging diseases

• The MSc in Molecular Plant Sciences provides opportunities to study molecular problems from the expression of gens through to genetic modification of food crops in the developing world

• The MSc in Protein Structure and Function provides advanced training in the molecular basis of structure-function relationships in proteins and the molecules with which they interact.

Entry requirements
Academic requirements
Upper second class honours degree or equivalent

English requirements
IELTS 6.5 (with not less than 6.0 in each of the four components).
TOEFL 580 (paper-based test) or 237 (computer-based test) with a score of not less than 4 in the TWE or 92 (internet-based test) with not less than 21 in each of the components

How to Apply
We will work as quickly as possible to add the programme to our drop down menu on the online application form but this may take a little time. In the interim please apply through the MRes Biosciences until the programmes receives final ‘sign off’ from the senior team.

Email the PG Administrator at biosci-pgt@bath.ac.uk who will be happy to guide you

Master of Research (MRes)  "Strong Foundations for a Research Career"

We also offer six MRes degree programmes designed to provide an insight into a range of research activities, techniques and skills, with specialisations in Biosciences, Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Microbiology, Molecular Plant Sciences and Regenerative Medicine

      Details at http://www.bath.ac.uk/bio-sci/postgrad/mres/

 Each of our MRes programmes has four main objectives:

      --To broaden knowledge of the conduct, management, implications and exploitation of research

      --To enhance the specialist knowledge at Masters level

      --To provide experience of high-level research in state-of-the-art topics

      --To provide training in a wide range of research techniques

      Students who complete an MRes degree will be well qualified to proceed to a three-year MPhil/PhD programme. Graduates will have a competitive edge in relation to undergraduate students applying for doctoral studies. They will be able to find posts in industry and government where a working knowledge of the nature and demands of academic research is needed.


MSc International Money and Banking now officially open!


Direct online applications are now being accepted for the new MSc International Money and Banking.

For 2011 the IELTS requirement will be 6.5 across all our Economics Masters programmes

Foundation Year 2010 entry – places still available for good applicants

The Foundation Year is still looking for good quality international candidates for 2010 entry.

If you have international students who have completed (or will complete this year) their High School Diploma or Year 12 equivalent, then we would be delighted to receive their UCAS application.

The Foundation team are happy to look at informal applications and give advice before students proceed to make their formal application via UCAS.

The UCAS codes they will need are as follows:

Course code: Y008
Institution code: B16
Campus codes: G (for City of Bath College) or P (for Wiltshire College,

They need to clearly specify in the UCAS Personal Statement section which Bath degree they would like to study after the Foundation.  A full list of degree pathways is available here (including the grades they will need to achieve during their Foundation in order to progress automatically in 2011):

Please note that our English language requirements have recently been
modified as follows:

Applicants wishing to target Management subjects (e.g. Business Administration, Accounting & Finance) must now have a minimum IELTS grade of 6.0 (or TOEFL/Cambridge ESOL equivalent).  They can begin the programme on 13 September 2010.

All other applicants can begin the programme with an IELTS grade of 5.5 on 9 August 2010 when they will need to attend a five week pre-Foundation Year English Language course first.  They will then start the Foundation Year on 13 September 2010. The only condition is attendance on the 5 week pre-Foundation Year English; no formal exams are taken.

We look forward to hearing from you or your students!

Best wishes,
Dr. Florin Bisset
Foundation Year Manager

Pre-departure briefings

Each year members of the International Office provide a series of information sessions around the world to University of Bath applicants, preparing them for their studies in the UK. The first round of pre-departure briefings will take place in late June and early July in Bangkok, Beijing,  Shanghai, Tokyo, and Taipei, and be hosted by Andy Howman, Head of the International Office, and Nicola Peacock, International Student Support Manager.

Jo Power from the International Office will also be conducting briefings for students in Hong Kong, Brunei and Malaysia in late August, dates to be confirmed.

Full details will be available shortly. Although we cannot conduct briefings in every country we still aim to provide our applicants with all the information they need ahead of their arrival in Bath.


 New mailout

We are getting ready to send you a mailout of new Bath materials for use in your offices. This is to complement the standard mailing we did in October 2009 as we have a number of new products that we hope will provide useful recruitment tools for you to gain a greater insight into our programmes and enable you to offer practical advice to your students.
Contents of the mailout:

5* x New Undergraduate prospectus 2011
2 x New MSc International Money and Banking leaflet
2 x Innovation and Technology Management information
5 x New Faculty of Engineering & Design Masters programme brochure

*(15 to agents in Hong Kong & Malaysia, 10 to Brunei)
You can search for any of our undergraduate courses online through http://www.bath.ac.uk/study/ug/
We will start mailing these out from next week so you should start to receive them from Monday 10 May.

Request for information from you

We recognise that this is a challenging year to advise students with the introduction of the new CAS system and would welcome your feedback on how the system is being rolled out in your countries and if you have any specific concerns.

We would also like to reassure you that we are looking at ways in which we can help make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your students.

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