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Spring 2012

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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the March edition of the University of Bath agent newsletter. We have two important announcements in this edition.
Firstly we would like to introduce 3 new Masters programmes for entry 2012:

 - MSc Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials
MSc in Human Resource Management and Consulting
MSc in Sustainability and Management 

For the Masters in Managment programmes students from any discipline are eligible to apply. At present these two programmes are in the final stages of approval for entry 2012/13 and students cannot apply online yet. They can however register their interest through the webpages and will be alerted as soon as the application opens, which should be in the next few weeks.

 Secondly we would like to give you an update on our scholarship portfolio and encourage your students to apply once they reveice and accept an offer with Bath by 29 June 2012 deadline.

With Best Wishes,

Andy, Graham, Jo, Virginia and Zoe: International Office

*NEW* MSc Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials 2012/13

The MSc in Innovative Structural Materials is a unique UK postgraduate research programme that draws upon the research strengths of the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials (BRE CICM). The programme produces graduates with an in-depth and practical understanding of the use of innovative structural engineering materials in the provision of sustainable and holistic construction solutions for the built environment.  The use of construction materials is key to infrastructural development globally. New approaches are now needed for innovative renewable and low carbon structural engineering materials.

Find out more at:

Who is it for?
This new Masters programme offers an advanced qualification useful to engineering and science graduates wishing to develop an in-depth and practical understanding of the use of innovative structural materials in the provision of sustainable and holistic construction solutions for the built environment.  The content of the programme is both timely and much sought after by industry.

Fast Facts for Admission

- Duration: 1 year full-time (taught)
- Application deadline: 30 June 2012 (international)
- Entry requirements: First degree (UK 1st or 2:1 or international equivalent ) in an engineering or science subject.
- Language requirements: IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL: 100 (internet-based test) with not less than 24 in each of the components.

Outline of the programme
The one-year full-time programme follows a modular structure. Successful completion of semester 1 enables students to be awarded with a Postgraduate Certificate in Innovative Structural Materials. Successful completion of both semesters one and two enables students to be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Innovative Structural Materials. Successful completion of both semesters and the dissertation permits the award of a MSc in Innovative Structural Materials.

How the programme is organised
The first semester comprises of five compulsory taught core units, worth six credits each, with four units concentrating on the most significant issues relating to innovative and sustainable use of construction and structural materials, and a further unit to familiarise the students with the concepts of holistic design as practised within the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.  This latter unit will help to integrate the students into the unique teaching environment of our joint department.  Semester two consists of a further 30 credits.  Three units (worth six credits each) will be taught outside of the Department and will provide students with a grounding in issues relating to research methods (taught in the Department of Mechanical Engineering), and management strategies relating to technological innovation (delivered by the School of Management): this is consistent with all Faculty of Engineering and Design graduate school MSc programmes.  A further 12 credit unit will enable students to use concepts picked up in Semester 1 in a structural engineering design project. This unit will be delivered by the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.  The final semester will consist of a research project and a written dissertation (30 credits). Where possible this will be based on current BRE CICM research.

Students will be taught a range of practical tools within units.  In particular they will leave with knowledge of rigorous decision analysis to support the use of innovative structural materials in the context of sustainable and holistic construction.  All units will contain presentations from external practitioners. Site visits will also be incorporated into the programme where possible. The programme’s academic content reflects the desire to provide grounding in core facets of innovative structural materials. Dissertation topics will support existing research programmes where possible, with supervision from academic staff within the BRE CICM.

New* MSc in Human Resource Managment and Consulting

Why Study the Bath MSc in Human Resource Management and Consulting?

The Bath MSc in Human Resource Management and Consulting has been designed to deliver cutting-edge knowledge of contemporary human resource management issues whilst developing  competencies in consulting. It will also prepare your students for a career in consulting.

It will introduce them to the broad field of business and management whilst helping them to gain a full understanding of the concepts underlying human resource management and consulting.

It will enhance their employability by giving them general business management knowledge, specialist human resource management knowledge and consulting skills which can be applied in a range of organisational settings.

Fast facts for Admission

  • Designed for: Graduates looking to develop key managerial skills with an emphasis on Human Resource Management and Consulting
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Start date: Late September
  • Application deadline: International: 30th June 2012
  • Admissions requirements: A good undergraduate degree (2:1 or above or its international equivalent) in any subject area
  • Language requirements: IELTS: 7.0 TOEFL: iBT 100
  • Fees for 2012-13: Overseas: £16,500

The programme will:

  1. Provide  a deep intellectual appreciation of the theoretical foundations of management with an applied emphasis on the management of people
  2. Give  a detailed understanding of consulting as a process and a profession located within the wider professional services firm context
  3. Provide a comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of significant contemporary issues in business and management research with a particular emphasis on issues relating to Human Resource Management and Consulting
  4. Enable the student to integrate theory with practical application via the use of detailed organisational challenges that they will develop solutions for
  5. Develop key business skills including teamwork, project management and presentation skills
  6. Leverage the expertise of nationally and internationally recognised faculty who have successfully published in the world’s top management journals
  7. Prepare them for a wide variety of business/management roles

Find out more at:

New* MSc in Sustainability and Management

Why Study the Bath MSc in Sustainability and Management?

The Bath MSc in Sustainability and Management has been designed to provide your students with a deep awareness and critical appreciation of the importance of sustainability issues relating to corporate social responsibility. At the same time, this innovative degree will develop your students skills in the core business disciplines.


  • Designed for: Graduates looking to develop key managerial skills with an emphasis on sustainability issues
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Start date: Late September
  • Application deadline:  International: 30th June 2012
  • Admissions requirements: A good undergraduate degree (2:1 or above or its international equivalent)
  • Language requirements: IELTS: 7.0  TOEFL: iBT 100
  • Fees for 2012-13: Overseas: £16,500
  • The programme will:

    • Deepen and advance  understanding of corporate sustainability
    • Provide a comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of significant contemporary issues in business and management research with a particular emphasis on issues relating to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability
    • Enable your students to balance theory with practical application
    • Develop key business skills including group working skills, project management and presentation skills
    • Leverage the expertise of nationally and internationally recognised faculty who have successfully published in the world’s top journals
    • Prepare your students for a wide variety of business/ management roles

    Find out more:

    Scholarships 2012 Update from Virginia

     The key link for all information on 2012 scholarships for international fee-paying taught post-graduate (MA, MSc MBA) scholarships: 

    There are three main types of scholarships:

    1. University of Bath International Scholarships Scheme 2012 which is open to all international post-graduate taught applicants for all courses.
    2. Scholarships from our Faculties: Faculty of Science, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Design and School of Management
    3. Scholarships from corporate partners and alumni for particular counties

    Key facts to tell your students

    1. Applicant can apply for almost all the scholarships on just one online scholarship form.
    2. There is clear information on the web pages about each scholarship as well as guidance notes and tips on completing the form.
    3. Applicant needs to firmly accept either a conditional or an unconditional offer of a place on the taught masters programme before s/he can apply for a scholarship online
    4. Closing date is noon on Friday 29 June 2012. We only start to award the scholarships after the closing date has passed
    5. We  will notify all applicants of our decision by Friday 3 August 2012

    If any of you or your staff want to discuss broader issues such as the strategy, promotion and operation of the schemes, then do contact Andy, Jo or Zoe or myself. 

    New for 2012

    • Faculty of Science has some generous scholarships (up to £7,500) and I definitely encourage you to tell applicants for Faculty of Science about this
    • Only 7 countries in Latin America (includes Mexico and Colombia) now eligible for Santander and for 2012 there are six scholarships each worth £5300.
    • We are always interested to know which applicants are from an official partner. On the scholarship form there is a question which asks them ‘Did you apply from an official University of Bath representative?’ Make sure that you tell your students to answer YES to this question.
    • There is now an extra box on the scholarships application form which asks applicants to add in their academic scores.


    We have one scholarship of £2000 for an applicant for MRes in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. If you think you have a good applicant, please contact your country manager or to find out how to apply.

    Undergraduate Scholarships

    Most of the undergraduate scholarships are only open to UK/EU applicants but both Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering offer £2000 per academic year to excellent international undergraduate applicants.

    PhD Funding

    There are several schemes. Some are offered centrally by the University and some by the Faculties and Graduate Schools.


    Advice on preparing applicants for admission to Bath 2012

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    Dear Colleagues,

    We appreciate this is a very busy time for all of you in helping prepare applicants for 2012 entry and we would like to give you some tips on how to manage this process more effectively and be able to guide and advise your students in the best way possible.

    This includes:

    An overview of how our UG admissions works and ways in which you can assist and advise your applicants during this process

    Use of the AGENT PORTAL - this was designed specifically for you to cut out the need to email country managers about an application and allow you directly and in real-time to check on the progress of your applicants. Please use it! It saves everyone time and provides the best service to you and your students. A reminder of how it works is below to refresh everyone's memories and advise new members of staff.

    It is the best way to check basic details and progress of an application.

    Use of the Bath APPLICATION TRACKER - please encourage active use of this by your students. Again it is designed to streamline communication between the student and the University. All updates on their application and information alerts are emailed to the students' personal email and contact email and directs them to check the tracker.

    If you need to upload  additional documents or results to an exisiting UG or PGT application please do so via the  applicant tracker. Do not email them to us or the Admissions teams. 

    Advice on Application fees and deposits- Please remember that there are application fees/deposits for certain programmes and an application will be held up if these are not paid and no decision will be made. Please follow the instructions by programme on how these should be paid and do not send them directly to International Office country manager. Remember also to put applicants name on any transfers so it can be traced. Full details on programmes and payments appear through the link below.

    We hope this information will help the application process to Bath for both yourself, the student and us here at Bath.

    Kind Regards,

    Zoe,Jo,Graham, Andy and Virginia. 

    Update University of Bath Undergraduate Admissions February 2012^

    This year The University of Bath has received 20,000 applications into our new Centralised Undergraduate Admissions which are being processed by only 10 members of staff.

    Here is an overview of how decisions are being made on key programmes to help you understand the process better and advise any worried students/parents that we value each application and have specific mechanisms in place to deal with them.

    To help us manage this process please do not keep asking your country manager about applicant progress and admissions about every applicant. This only creates unnecessary delays in proceedings and prevents the very decisions that we all would like for the student being made most efffectively and in a timely manner. The best way to follow up on an application is through the BATH APPLICANT TRACKER. This tool was created to help students closely monitor their application from start to finish, and provide a single channel of communication where they can upload documents.

    These programmes are now closed to new overseas applications for 2012

    • BSc Accounting and Finance
    • Pharmacy
    • Psychology
    • Architecture

    Programmes operating a ‘gathered field’ - this refers to those which consider their decisions on sets of applications together on certain dates, rather than on an individual basis as they come in.


    Operates a ‘semi-gathered field’:

    1st filter takes out the really outstanding overseas applicants who offer excellence and breadth of subjects (across science/arts) and makes offers. This has been completed.

    2nd filter will look at those who are only offering science subjects and consider their situation: if the school only offers sciences (i.e curriculum is limited) they will be considered. However, will look carefully at PS which should demonstrate a) ‘awareness’ of the need for breadth and b) action taken to remedy the ‘deficit’ (e.g attendance at arts classes/summer school/internships)

    Those offering sciences plus Economics will not get an offer unless again they too can demonstrate a) awareness and b) have taken appropriate action-need to offer ‘over and above’

    Maths essential; Art and Design highly regarded but not essential; will take those with humanities at A level (History/Geog); portfolio not considered (no point sending); IELTS 7.0


    • Essentially also operates a ‘semi –gathered field’ as those who clearly offer excellence and breadth are offered first and then there is a second stage, which commenced mid February.

    Accounting and Finance

    • Full gathered field for overseas with no offers until all 15 January received


    Basically, any applicant who enters data in section 5A on UCAS form ‘qualifications already achieved/obtained’ is being asked to submit proof to Bath of this first before an offer can be made. This is logical as the offer made will take into account previous qualifications achieved (e.g if one A level is already listed as ‘achieved’ then we would make a ‘reduced’ offer on the other two so we need to be sure the applicant already has this qualification.)

    However, many overseas applicants list English qualifications in this section and thus get ‘caught’ in the ‘trap’ of being asked for proof before going further with the application and offer.


    2012 Potential applicant

    Advise them not to put language results in the 5A section and /or not to put anything in 5A unless they have the docs to hand to upload via Bath application tracker.

    2012 Applicants in system

    Advise to upload documents to prove 5A qualifications as quickly as possible (via Bath application tracker) and also that this will make it faster at confirmation time. Also advise to use application tracker and check emails regularly as 2-3 chasing emails have been sent.

    2013 - Going forward

    We are likely to move to standard offers so that essentially will ignore anything in 5A and we will simply be able to make the standard offer immediately. We should be able to advise you further by our June Open Day 2012.

    Turnaround times

    Our centralised UG Admissions team are working hard to get all decisions made by 31 March for all those received by 15 Jan. This is only a UCAS recommendation and not a guarantee, but we are doing our best.

    Agents Portal^

    Your existing user name and password for the representatives’ portal at: is the best tool for checking on your specific applications to Bath for 2011/12.

    If you have forgotten this, please contact Graham on  Please make sure that all counsellors and relevant staff know that they should use the portal for initial queries on the progress and status of an application. 

    The portal enables you as our representatives to see summary data of the application status of all of your students that have applied to the University of Bath.  This should replace the need to email individual country managers regarding the status of an application.

    The Agents’ Portal links directly to SAMIS, our admissions database. As well as giving you real-time information on the status of all of your applicants it will allow you to see a copy of any offer letter and the clearance checklist for individual candidates, so you can see which conditions have been met or remain outstanding, and whether the visa CAS has been issued in the case of students holding an unconditional offer.

    Please ensure that postgraduate applicants use the drop-down menu in the on-line application to verify that they have used your services, as the portal relies upon this to link the student to you.

     In the case of undergraduate students applying through UCAS or postgraduate students who omitted to tell us at the time of application that they have used your services we can add this information retrospectively upon receiving an email ( from the student concerned verifying that they wish to have you as their representative and have used your services. This email should follow the format you have agreed with the country manager and have put into practice in previous application cycles.  As always, please ensure that the student’s application number is stated clearly in any correspondence!

    The Agents’ Portal is a ‘view only’ facility, so the onus will remain upon the students to access their personal details through Application Tracker to do things such as upload further documents or accept an offer of admission.

    Application fees and Deposits^

    Students are required to pay an application fee of £50 for All Masters programmes in the School of Managment apart from Innovation and Technology Management and Advanced Managment Practice. The student can pay by cheque, bank draft or online. If they wish to pay online there is a link on the 'how to apply' page for the relevant programme within the School which takes you directly to the payment page eg. An example for the MSc Management is at:


    If the student is offered a place, they will need to accept via the Application Tracker System and pay a £250 course deposit to secure their place on the programme.  Download the credit card payment form .Further details on how to pay the deposit will be provided in the offer letter.

    Applications will not be considered without the payment of the application fee. Please don’t forget to pay the £50.00 application fee. Not paying the application fee will result in a delay in the application being processed.