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GW4 Cancer Research Consortium (GW4CANCER)

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Today CR@B is welcoming our colleagues from across the South West (GW4 universities) for the first GW4CANCER workshop.

The two-day meeting will enable experts in a range of disciplines to examine the  global challenges in cancer research and to combine our efforts in cancer research to find cures that can be implemented in a future of personalised medicine in cancer treatment.

Cancer is a large group of diseases with different causes and outcomes and the future for treatment seems to heading in a direction of personalised medicine because, even with the same type of cancer, the genetic make-up of each patient may have a different influence on their response to treatment. Personalised medicine takes into account the patient’s unique genetic background as well as the genetic profiles of the tumour in order to predict the response to cancer treatments.

Since it is becoming increasingly difficult (and expensive) for one research group to address the complexity of cancer a concerted collaboration of expertise and pooling of resources will enhance our efforts and allow us to address the challenging cancer questions.

Within the GW4 universities there is already substantial research effort into the environmental and lifestyles causes of cancer, the contribution of genetics, biochemistry and cell biological processes to the causes of a wide range of cancers, as well as research into the prevention and pharmaceutical intervention in cancer.

GW4CANCER also aims to establish a cross-centre non-clinical doctoral training programme in cancer research to train the next generation of cancer scientists.

At CR@B we’re looking forward to hosting our GW4 Cancer Research and what should be a stimulating and inspiring couple of days.


About us

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Cancer Research at Bath (CR@B) is a unique network between the University and the NHS Royal United Hospital Trust. Our mission is to facilitate interaction between departments and institutes, multidisciplinary research and provide excellent opportunities for training for its members. It is also our mission to interact with fundraisers and industry, and generally raise awareness of all aspects of cancer.

This blog aims to demonstrate research activities in CR@B, promote cancer research in and around Bath, and raise cancer research awareness both on campus and in the local community.


Meet the Student Volunteer Communicators

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We are very excited to welcome four Student Volunteer Communicators (SVC) to join the CR@B team. They are

Emma Bunting      Emma Bunting

I’m Emma, a second year Natural Scientist majoring in Biochemistry. I’m hoping to go to the States next year on placement, in either the neuroscience or cancer research field. I’ve always been interested in cancer research, but my involvement really took off after a summer internship at Cambridge researching the BRCA1 protein (linked with Breast Cancer).

Ellie Childs Ellie Childs CR@B

I'm Ellie, a second year undergraduate studying Biochemistry. Although I have been interested in cancer research for several years now, my interest was particularly piqued this year after taking a unit on cancer biology, and hope to go on an industrial placement in a lab in the field next year.

Alexander Davies Alex Davies

I'm Alex, a 4th year Pharmacy student at the university and will be going to do my pre-registration year with Boots in London after graduation. I became interested in cancer research shortly after starting at university, and have a particular interest in the development of new drugs.