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Trip to Russia: 7th European Congress on Catalysis

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This post is contributed by Tamsin Bell who has now moved to continue her PhD at the University of Cambridge.

At the end of August 2015, I attended the 7th European congress on catalysis, Europacat in Kazan, Russia. The conference started with a very formal opening ceremony and two plenary lectures and concluded with a welcome reception where I was able to catch up with a collaborator from the University of Glasgow.

The session I spoke in was “Energy-related catalysis” but I also attended many interesting talks in the other four sections. The research I presented makes use of cobalt as a sustainable alternative to more expensive metals to catalyse ammonia decomposition for in situ production of hydrogen for use in a fuel cell. On the final day of the conference I gave my presentation in a 600 seater ball room. It was an amazing (and slightly terrifying) experience talking about my research to such a large and knowledgeable audience.

Tour of Kazan and Tami in St Petersburg

Tour of Kazan and Tami in St Petersburg

One evening there was an excursion to visit the historical, 1000 year old city of Kazan, which notably included a visit to the impressive Kazan Kremlin. The word Kremlin means "fortress" and there are only four remaining in Russia. At the end of the week, there was a conference banquet with performances from local Russian dancers and we were able to try some Russian vodka, after which many of the academics and delegates were also showing off their dancing skills.

I had a fantastic week in Russia, I met lots of interesting people, I learnt how to say thank you in Russian, Спасибо, which is pronounced "spa-see-ba", I bought a Russian fur hat and I got lots of ideas for my research. I was even lucky enough to visit the beautiful cities of Moscow and St Petersburg on the way back home.

Sightseeing in Moscow

Sightseeing in Moscow

I am very grateful to the conference organisers for accepting me to present my work and for the travel funding I received from the Royal Society of Chemistry, Santander and the Armours & Brasiers.


Conference Report: 2014 IChemE Applied Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

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On 17th – 18th Sept 2014, CSCT students Tamsin Bell and Emma Sackville attended the 2014 IChemE Applied Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Conference in Cambridge. This report was written by Emma.

A few weeks ago, Tami and I attended the Applied Catalysis and Reaction Engineering conference in Cambridge. This was a conference primarily for early career researchers, although there were a number of academics and industry members present, several of whom gave plenary lectures.

These lectures included a talk on the importance of reactor design by the eminent Prof. Freek Kapteijn; an insight into research in a multinational company by Dr. Adeana Bishop, who attended as part of Exxon Mobil; and an interesting talk from Prof. David Cole-Hamilton who spoke on the development of waste bio-oils for conversion to chemicals.

I had been given the opportunity to give an oral presentation, my first at a conference, and needless to say the experience was quite daunting! However after the initial nerves I actually quite enjoyed it and the talk was received well. My talk was entitled: "The Effect of Promoters on Iron Carbon Nanotubes Catalysts for the Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Hydrocarbons". All of the other speakers were early career researchers, but the level of the presentations was extremely high. There was a wide range of topics on offer, with a focus on catalysis and reactors, which made for a varied and interesting program.

Tami was presenting her poster about her research in nanostructured alumina to support metal nanoparticles at the poster session, which took place primarily after the first day. Again, there were a wide range of topics covered and both of us had some interesting discussions with other attendees about our work.

Tamin presenting her poster

Tamsin presenting her poster

We were staying in the beautiful Jesus College, and had a great conference dinner in the great hall which was also striking – as you’d expect from a Cambridge college! After the conference ended on Thursday we spent the afternoon wandering round Cambridge itself. We even had a punting tour along the river, seeing the backs of several of Cambridge’s most famous colleges, and snuck into the beautiful St. John’s college before having a drink on a roof top bar overlooking the city and then heading home. Overall a really interesting conference in a beautiful city – although still not a pretty as Bath!