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Making time for Fika

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We're using Get Creative to look at different ways of working together. Today we tried something new - Fika.

Fika is a Swedish verb which means to "drink coffee usually accompanied by something sweet on the side". It's really an excuse for a tea break but it gives us all an opportunity to get away from our desks and have a chat.

I wanted to include this within our week as it's something I used to do at a former workplace. It makes you realise how little time you all spend talking as a group and gives you a chance to get to know the people you work with on a less formal basis. It's amazing how little you can know about people when you sit alongside them five days a week.

As professionals we are encouraged to network. Why? Because it's useful and you can get a lot done once you have contacts. So why don't we put the time in to do the same within our teams? Fika gives us an opportunity to do that and as an added bonus you get cake too!

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  1. Lisa Price on

    Totally agree with this. People rightly hate a 'meetings culture' but when you don't enable ad hoc discussion you lose out on creativity and teams that work well together. If people feel that turning round their chairs and chatting is going to be perceived as slacking, then enforced down time with coffee or whatever is a great way to endorse chatter time 🙂


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