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Web Developer wanted!

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UPDATE: applications are now closed for this position

You're a PHP or Java web developer looking for a challenge, a 6 month contract, and to earn up to 17,823 pounds. As it happens, we've got the perfect opening and you can apply right now!

We're looking for someone with a passion for developing friendly, usable applications to help us revamp the the process our students go through when they apply to study here. Following that, you'll lead the development of an innovative application to help international students get in touch with other students from their home country who may already be here, and to help ease their transition into life in the UK. It could include integration with Facebook, pulling data from their student application, forums, a mobile interface or whatever you see fit, all wrapped up in our brand-new visual identity.

The application form is on and you can see our Web Development Manager, Phil Wilson, give a quick overview below:


The offer closes pretty soon (on Wednesday 27 October) so act now!

4 Responses to “Web Developer wanted!”

  1. Phil Wilson on

    Hi Dan, ideally yes - and for exactly the reason you suggest!

    I think we'd look at each candidate, the skills they'd bring and what having an app written in, say, Django, would mean to us in terms of maintenance - a good developer would leave us with clean code that's easily maintained, a bad one would leave us with a big ball of mud. We'd probably look at references and past work and make a judgement then, but given the choice between two otherwise equal candidates, we'd choose the one with PHP/Java over Haskell 🙂

  2. Marc Cooper on

    Sounds like an excellent opportunity for someone. I'd be very interested, but the rate at £685/pw is too low.

    Good luck with the the idea and the project. Both my nephews came here for university after growing up in Hong Kong, so I understand the issues you face. As you say, they use Facebook very heavily both to widen their contacts here and, of course, to remain in contact with their friends back home. The phone element, particularly for Asia-based students, is probably essential. I'm sure that's true elsewhere.

  3. Phil Wilson on

    Hi Marc, thanks for the comment! There's certainly a lot of scope for someone to come in and get their hands dirty, and the work really is setting the tone of engagement for the whole University so it's really important work too.

    The financial side of it is interesting - obviously we get funded for this kind of thing centrally so don't have a massive amount of say for that part of it, but the offer is for just under the national average annual wage for 6 months' work, which seems pretty reasonable.


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