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  • University campus buildings - avoiding the hill

    Having a University campus atop a hill can present a few challenges for the daily commute. With the constant road-user battle, even the committed pedestrian can have a long wait to cross once at the top. Between road works, new...

  • Fireworks Night

    Hi! Autumn has arrived, the clocks have gone back, and the days are shortening. Although the colder weather and dark evenings can make a PhD feel less enjoyable than usual, autumn brings with it some of my favourite festivals of...

  • Looking after yourself

    Hi Time is ticking by, the clocks go forward Saturday night/Sunday morning, and our journeys to and from work may mostly occur in dusky light. At this time of year, I'm minded to think about self care - literally looking...

  • Milestones in the Doctorate  

      Hi Above and beyond our research, there are many official milestones we need to make sure we are able to reach during our doctorate. But, sometimes what and when these milestones are is not that clear. But the Doctoral...

  • Settling In

    Hello! Hopefully you should now be starting to settle in well to your doctoral studies and, for those of you new to Bath, to both the Claverton and city campuses too! However, should you still not quite have found your...

  • Starting: your first few weeks

    Hi all, Our resident ducks arriving at the beginning of term    Welcome again for everyone either newly arrived in Bath or returning! We've got lovely weather and I hope you are enjoying the sunshine as I do. If you...