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After what feels like (another) whirlwind period, and as we approach the implementation of our new structures for doctoral study from 1st August, it seems timely to take a few moments to reflect on the progress we have made towards the Doctoral College in the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday 18th July marked the first opportunity we have had to get together properly. Around 40 Doctoral College staff and those that we will be working closely with spent the morning at the Bath Spa hotel where Simon Inger from Staff Development deftly guided us through activities designed to get us to know each other a bit better and think about how we want to work together as a team. I think we all agreed it was a really useful morning. If nothing else I now know who else has green eyes in the Doctoral College – Kate if you are wondering. But seriously, I was massively impressed by the level of engagement and positive thinking in the room. We are still awaiting one or two key members joining but already there is a great sense of purpose. As ever it was an absolute joy to work with such a genuinely nice and committed group of people. OK I know my face may not have been saying “absolute joy” ALL of the time during the last few months…

And on Friday 21st July we had the BIG MOVE with around 30 staff moving into their new Doctoral College offices on Level 3 of 10 West. Unfortunately it meant that we had to suspend normal business for a few hours (thanks for your patience to anyone who might have been inconvenienced by that) but by the afternoon it was already looking amazingly settled and the teams were back at work in their new home.

We will be organising a little thank you get together in September for all those who have helped us get this far. There are too many to mention here – you know who you are. But I have to say a special thank you to those who made our transition into the new space relatively painless. In particular big thanks to the various portering teams (who managed to keep smiling even on the hundredth crate – roll on paperless!) the IT guys (who got us up and running in no time at all) and of course my other half Mark who did a great job of orchestrating it all.

We are still working hard to anticipate any issues and thereby minimise, as much as possible, any impact on the service staff and doctoral students are used to receiving as we transition to the new structures. Please bear with us, as we adapt to substantially new ways of working. Do let us know what you think we are doing right or could do better, and above all give us an empathetic smile as we manage the change.

The Doctoral College feels like it has been a long time in the making. But as any fan of “Bake off” will tell you the best breads take a while to prove. I can’t promise we are the finished article yet – far from it – but I think we have all the right ingredients.

Now for the really exciting bit!


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