Zero Carbon Britain – a treat in store

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In Portcullis House the other night at the launch of Canolfan Dechnoleg Amgen's second Zero Carbon Britain 2030 report.  Pretty gloomy stuff and nothing about education in the presentations.

Those speaking certainly seemed cheerful in looking forwards (backwards more like) to the day when there would be no economic growth and imports such as wine, olives and bananas would be out of reach luxuries for most of the population. Judging by the terribly 'House Pinor Noir' on offer, the sooner this happens the better.  The report is heavy weight with lots of info, but I can't see anyone voting for any of it no matter how "brilliant" the bright young thing from Greenpeace thought it.  And it may have been my imagination, but I did think a frisson of excitement ran round the room when someone mentioned the R word.  In the end, I did my own rationing, not finishing my one small glass of the fittingly-miserable wine – but I confess to having two of the endangered olives.

Posted in: News and Updates


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