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The Environmental Audit Committee, chaired by Joan Walley MP, has launched an inquiry into how sustainable development can be further embedded in Government policy decision-making and operations.  As part of its inquiry, the Committee will examine latest sustainable development performance data across government departments.

The Committee is interested in receiving written evidence that looks at the following themes of the inquiry:

  • How can mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of Government operations, procurement and policy-making be improved and further embedded and mainstreamed across Government departments?
  • How can governance arrangements for sustainable development in Government be improved, and how can sustainability reporting by Government departments be made more transparent and accountable?
  • Was the SDC successful in fulfilling its remit? Which aspects of its work have reached a natural end, or are otherwise of less importance, and which remain of particular continuing importance?

  • In formulating a future architecture for sustainable development in Government, how can it take on board wider developments and initiatives (eg to develop ‘sustainability reporting’ in departments’ accounts) and the contributions that other bodies might make (eg Centre of Expertise in Sustainable Procurement)?
  • How, without the assistance of the SDC, will the Government be able to demonstrate that it is ‘the greenest government ever’?

This looks, in part at least, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the SDC.  No mention of education, but that's no reason why it should not be mentioned to them.

Posted in: News and Updates


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