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It's wonderful what you can find on iTunes these days, but to come across a whole lot of stuff on ESD some may think rather unexpected.  Not so, however, just click here to find 81 (at today's count) outputs from Education Scotland – and they don't even cost 79p.  Bargain.

They seem a varied mixture, though, with none of the first 17 being more than 10 seconds long and seem just to be videos of weather and landscape; i.e., mountain and flood.  These are all labeled Climate change: xxxx.  For example, Climate change: wet roads. This is a 4 second video of what looks suspiciously like a loch, so I wondered what's going on – and what it has to do with climate change.  It hardly seems to be about climate, let along change.  Of course, everything's to do with climate change these days.

I've only looked at one of the longer ones in detail so far – it was experiments about water evaporation / condensation (i.e., the weather) – and the fact that I watched it all the way through says something.  More on all this later, and thanks to Alan Reid's eagle eye for spotting these all the way from Melbourne.

Posted in: Comment, New Publications, News and Updates


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