Whatever happened to the RCEs?

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I remember going to the launch of the East Midlands Region Centre of Expertise [RCE], way back in 2007 (where I remember giving one of the worst talks of my life).  Since then, a number of RCEs have been set up in England (and elsewhere in the UK).  But whatever happened to them, I wondered, given that they don't seem in the ESD news very much, so had a browse the other day, looking for insights.  It was quite odd.

I looked up what's new in Severn, where the last entry was 22 months ago, and the main page advertises the 2010 Christmas lecture.   London is a little better, with the last entry in the news archive being April 2011.  The North East was more encouraging, and the entry on Canny ubuntu brought back happy memories of my (all too) brief time 'up there'.  There seems evidence of a vibrant culture, and there was even a September 2012 newsletter, and a full projects page.  The East Midlands, was worst of all, with the 'What's on' page only showing the opening launch event, and Newsletters stopping in 2007.

I am relying on the web, of course.  Could be, I suppose, that the seeming moribund RCEs have moved on from the internet as a means of communication – pigeons, or telepathy, maybe.

All rather disappointing, given that they promised so much – especially to themselves.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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