My day in court

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Well, that should really be: An afternoon at the University of Bath Court, but ...

I went to the Court meeting, which was informative and lively.  I also went to a lecture beforehand with the title:

Empowering Higher Education for a Sustainable Future

Big mistake.  I'm used to listening to talks on 'sustainability' that end up being about endurability, usually with a financially focus, but it was novel to go to one that didn't mention sustainability at all.  This was a first.

It was organised by the University's International Centre for Higher Education Management, and turned out to be an hour-long advert for what it does. The March winds howled throughout the session, I think, in protest at the format whereby a bunch of academics got 8 minutes each to say very little in as unco-ordinated a way as possible.  Given the nature of the audience, this was disappointing to say the least.

Still, it wasn't all a waste of time. There was a student from South Africa, Mukovhe Masutha, who I could have listened to for much more than his allotted time, and I can now share some pearls of wisdom with you about management education.  Here they are:

  • Hard work is necessary
  • Failure to listen is a bit of a problem
  • Balance scientific knowledge with practical wisdom
  • Reflection and action need to go together
  • Have an ethic of care and an ethic of criticism

There!  Now you know.

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