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I'm in Zurich to speak at a conference organised by Education-21, where the key questions are:

What does a desirable future look like?  

What do teachers need on their professional paths in order to move in this direction?

The event has contributions on international concepts of ESD and hopes to shed light on the related potential of partnerships between Swiss and Southern / Eastern countries’ teacher education institutions.  The question of what partnerships and ESD can contribute to the development of teachers’ professional competencies will be in focus.

I'm speaking about sustainability and learning in the context of social transformation, as argued for by Mary Clark and the UN.  This will argue a liberal position on learning, and promote a focus on the sustainable development goals.  My fellow keynoter is Sustainability Professor Ali A. Abdi, from the University of British Columbia.  His focus will be citizenship & international development education.

The contrasts between our presentations will hopefully be educative for all concerned.  I'll be interested in the overlaps.


Posted in: Comment, Talks and Presentations


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