Another landmark for Semington A

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I recorded, back in July 2011, the fact that the power station on our roof, which I term, Semington A, had reached the giddy total output of 1 MW.  It took 60 days, and as I noted back then, it takes a big coal burner about 20 seconds to do the same.

This morning, we reached 20 MW, and this has taken just under 5 years, at a steady rate of about 4.1 MW/year.

Although this is small beer, viewed nationally, things are looking up.  In 2015, UK solar PV capacity increased by 62% to 8.7 GW by the end of December 2015, and DECC says that there are now 842,000 PV installations in the country.  If only we had more sun, things would be even better, and getting it to shine at night would be great – but that's what storage batteries are for.


Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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