What the poor need now are transgressive pedagogies

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Thanks to the Transformative Learning blog for alerting me to the "cutting edge" special issue of Current Opinions of Environmental Sustainability, which focuses on new requisites to [sic] universities in the 21st century.

The (open access) special issue features ten case studies (from no fewer than five continents) illustrating "the changing relationship of learning, research and practice in universities".  Here are the main points from one of the papers:

  • Pedagogies are required that are not constrained by current use of limited concepts, or by disciplinary decadence.
  • Concepts such as resilience are problematic if they hold unsustainable systems and patterns in place.
  • Disruptive capacity building and transgressive pedagogies are needed for a more sustainable world.
  • Transformative, transgressive forms of learning requires co-learning in multi-voiced and multi-actor formations.
  • Higher education should provide possibilities for engaged, lived experience of transformative praxis for students.

No prizes for Plain English, any time soon.


Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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