Five final thoughts – though not from me

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Hans Rosling died earlier this year.  He was the statistician who brought world population (and other) data to life, especially through his TED talks and YouTube videos.

He was the co-founder of, which continues his work.  In his final BBC interview, Rosling highlighted five key ways that demographics are shaping the world around us.  You can read about it here.  There are data on...

  • fertility rates from 1917 projected to 2099 when Ghana's rate (1.9) is lower than that of France (2.0).
  • population by continent from 1950 projected to 2100 when Europe will have 6% and Africa 39%.  These were 22% & 9% respectively in 1950.
  • life expectancy from 1917 projected to 2099 when that in the USA (88.9) will only just be longer than that in Bangladesh (87.5)

There are also a lot of ifs and buts, of course, and much discussion.  Hans Rosling: his data live on.

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