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As you all surely know, EASE is a project which is open to up to 60 SEEd members to join and contribute to.   SEEd has run one launch event in London "with 18 organisations participating and another 17 interested in how they can contribute and learn from this influential process".  This was, it seems, so successful that EASE is being launched twice more, this time outside London; in Liverpool, and in that hotbed of sustainability activism, Stroud.  You can see the details here.

SEEd says that it:

"... recognises that there is a huge amount of good work taking place but no coherent story demonstrating the impact and importance of environmental education (EE) and education for sustainability (EfS).

It is also:

"committed to capacity building and an integrated vision for Learning for Sustainability."

It says that:

"Funders and UN agencies (e.g. UNESCO) are also becoming more and more interested in supporting scaling up and embedding the work, rather than endless pilots and new programmes.  As a sector, we know the evidence is out there and SEEd has gathered about 100 documents already with plenty more to find.  A meta-review needs to be conducted and the capacity of the Environmental Education and Learning for Sustainability sector needs to be built.  Understanding how to use evidence to influence and persuade will be crucial to the success of this work."

Whilst I, of course, wish all this well, I do continue to wonder what it's for and how it will all work.

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