NAEE's Annual Review

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NAEE has published its Annual Review for 2016 / 17.  You will find it here.  I should declare an interest immediately as I had a hand in creating it.  NAEE says that the review:

"sets out key developments in the year, reflections on the context in which our work is carried out, and commentaries on the 40th anniversary of the 1977 Tbilisi conference when so much was promised."

It also contains contributions from Mya-Rose Craig, David Fellows, Melissa Glackin, Zach Hayes and Alan Kinder, most of which were published during the year either in the journal, Environmental Education, or on the website as blogs.

It was good to see this review published and it will be interesting to see how the idea develops over time; there is certainly scope for development.  It seems a long time since the UK had such a process and output.  I think you have to be almost elderly to remember the Council for Environmental Education's (annual) Review of Environmental EDucation which was edited by Stephen Sterling.  NAEE's current review falls a long way short of what (I remember) REED was like in its glory days, but that offers something to try to emulate.

I wonder if I have a copy somewhere.  If don't, I'm sure ERIC will ...

Posted in: Comment, New Publications


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