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I wrote the other day about NAEE's Annual review which led me to search for those reviews carried out by the Council for Environmental Education (CEE) in times past.  It's easy to find one c/o the ERIC archive: ED412076: The Annual Review of Environmental Education 1995, No. 7.

Here's the ERIC synopsis:

The Council for Environmental Education (CEE) publishes this annual review that reflects the changes that have brought environmental education in from the fringes and now attracts considerable political and educational attention.  This edition brings together a selection of important statements by leading public figures and other papers and articles which reflect key developments of the period.  Six articles related to the boom time in environmental education, the transition to education of sustainability, and strategies used by Scotland in instituting change in environmental education policies are included.

Articles include:

"Boom Time for Environmental Education?" (John Baines);

"Education for the Sustainability Transition" (Timothy O'Riordan);

"Facilitating an Environmental Approach To Education" (Baroness David);

"Education for Sustainability" (Crispin Tickell);

"Call to Action" (Peter Smith); and

"Education or Catastrophe? Scottish Strategy Throws Down the Challenge" (Mark Wells).

Happy days ...

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