Danes building wall to repel African immigrants

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Every news bulletin I hear seems to have an item on either that Wall – the one between the USA and Mexico, or the one that no one wants to see built across Ireland. None have so far mentioned the one bring built on the Danish German border to keep feral African immigrants out of Denmark.

That might be because it’s there to prevent African swine fever (in the wild boar population) getting to all those intensively reared pigs the Danish economy relies so heavily on.

It’s not clear whether the boar are causing similarly expensive problems in Germany. But Stone Martens are. These cute weasel-like critters caused some €70m of damage to cars in 2017 by chewing electrical insulation. The clever money says that it’s the fish oil in the cabling that they like.

What a world when not even rubber is reliably vegan.

Posted in: Comment, News and Updates


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