Is the ice melting still?

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Did you watch the so-called debate on Channel 4 last Thursday or were you doing something you felt more worthwhile: reading a good book, for example, or doing DIY?

If you did, were you impressed by the Dutch auction of extravagant green promises or did you crave for a more incisive line of questioning?  Did the format enthuse you or did you despair at the way politicians were able to slip into their trusted platitudes?  Did you cheer the bravery of the TV company for using ice sculptures to represent absent political leaders, or were you appalled at a publicly-funded broadcaster denying the right of a political party to send along their expert to take part?  Did you applaud the idea of a tax on methane, or did you see it as a thinly disguised attack on the dairy and beef industries?  Did you believe the politicians' personal promises to do their bit, or were you duly sceptical?  Did you end up shouting at the TV, or did you slump into a comatose state?  And what did you think of the exploitation of the hapless koala to represent the evils of the world?

Actually, I didn't think it was as bad as I feared it would be.  I thought it was much worse.

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