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Topic: Mahara e-Portfolios

How do I copy a view and allow a person to view it?

📥  Mahara e-Portfolios

This how to guide addresses the need for a participant (student) on a course to be able to copy a template view from the convenor (lecturer) so they can populate it, and share this with their advisor. The scenario is for people to update, share and sign off their PDPs on the e-Learning Unit on the PGCAPP Course.

This is divided into a number of steps;

Step 1: Copy the view (template) created by the unit convenor

  • Click on MyPortfolio
  • Click on Copy a View (green button, left hand side): scroll down and find the appropriate view (for the PGCAPP Unit 6 Oct 2010 cohort this is U6 PDP Template, owned by Geraldine Jones)
  • Click on the Copy View button. This will display the view in your ePortfolio

Step 2: Change the view name

Your new view should be displayed. At the moment the view has a title – copy of U6 PDP Template. You’ll need to change this to something more meaningful, ie U6 PDP. To do this,

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on Edit Title and Description. Change the details

Step 3: Sharing this view with your advisor

At the moment this view will be private, so only you can see it. However, you will need to edit view access and select your advisor from the list. To do this,

  • Click on Next: Edit Access at the bottom of the page
  • Click on the Add button next to the name of your advisor
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen

How to: create a view in Mahara

📥  Mahara e-Portfolios

A view is a collection of resources that are presented together on one page to be shared with other Mahara users. It might take the form of a CV, a reflective portfolio, a project presentation page. Each Mahara user can create many views for different purposes.

A view is created by adding a collection of blocks to an empty page which will pull in your information to form the finished page. It can include text, images, video, RSS feeds, blog posts, profile information.  Once set up, the view can then be named and allocated its own access permissions - from an individual user, to specific groups, to all Bath Mahara users, to full external public access.

To create a view

Follow these three steps. At any point you can click on the blue ? help buttons on the page for extra guidance. Any fields in red with an asterisk * are not optional and must be completed.

  • Click on the tabs My Portfolio, My View
  • Click on the Create a View button in the top right

Create View Step One: Layout

  • Drag and drop blocks from the tabbed sections at the top of the page onto the blank view at the bottom to set up the layout of your view
  • Configure the block as required, then Save
    • Leave the Block title blank if a title isn't required
    • In profile blocks, you will only have the option to add fields that you have already completed in your Profile information
  • Click on the x icon at the top right to delete unwanted blocks
  • Click on the cog icon if you want to open the block to configure again
  • Click on the top left link Change my View Layout if you want to amend the number and width of column
  • Click on the top right link Display my View to see how your view will look to other users (then click on back or edit to go back to the editing page)
  • When finished, click on the Next button at the bottom of the page

Create View Step Two: Details

  • Give your view a title
  • Add a description - recommended to help you and other users recognise it within a list of available views
  • Add tags - to classify the view and make it easier to search for
  • Select a Name Display Format - how people looking at the view will see the owner's name displayed at the top of the page
  • When finished, click on the Next button at the bottom of the page

Create View Step Three: Access

  • Decide if you want to Allow copying of your view by other users
  • By default the view is only available to the owner, so Add who will be able to view/copy it
    • Public
    • Logged In Users
    • Friends
    • Secret URL - creates a URL which lets you share your view with non-users
    • Individual Users - use the Search box
    • Specific Groups - use the Search box
  • If required, set dates for when the view will be available
  • Click on Save

Your view will now show in your list of views, along with details of its associated tags and artefacts, and its viewing and copying permissions. From here, you can return to any of the three steps above and edit details.

How to: set up your Mahara profile

📥  Mahara e-Portfolios

Your Mahara profile view will be accessible by all logged in users of mahara.bath.ac.uk.  It is also possible to make your profile available externally to the wider public. (For more information see the FAQ "Who can see my profile view on Mahara?")

Your profile is easy to set up. First you need to add all the background information (artefacts) , then edit your profile page to bring together the elements of the view you want to display (blocks).

Use the blue help buttons on the page to access additional information.

Background information - Edit Profile

Click on the Profile tab at the top of the page and the Edit Profile section will open.  Here you can add all the background information you might want to be pulled through into your profile (and any other view that you choose).  This information will not be displayed automatically in your profile - you can choose what to show in each view you set up. Sections in red with an asterisk must be completed:

  • About Me - 'Preferred name' will override the displayed Firstname Lastname in your profile and elsewhere on Mahara
  • Contact Information - You can add more than one email address and choose which to use as the default for your Mahara messages
  • Messaging
  • General

Background information - Profile Icons

You can upload up to five images to use with your profiles and other views through Profile, Profile Icons.  These need to be at least 16 x 16 pixels in size.

Set one of the images as a default to be displayed in your profile. You can use your other profile icons in other views - but remember that all images are accessible to all logged in Mahara users!

Edit profile page

By default your profile page will already display:

  • About Me - general information about the user
  • My Groups - a list of groups the user belongs to
  • My Views - a list of views that the user looking at this profile also has access to
  • My Friends - a selection of the user's 'friends' on Mahara
  • Wall - where other users can post messages

Click on Profile, Edit Profile Page and then use the following options to set up your profile view in the way you would like:

  • You can add blocks by dragging them in from the tabbed options above the profile view
  • Drag blocks around the profile page to change their position
  • Click on the 'X' at the top right of a block to delete it
  • Click on the cog icon at the top right of a block to configure it (choose what information to display, which blog to link to etc)
  • Change the width and number of columns by clicking on Change my View Layout (link at top left of profile view)
  • Click on Display my View (link at top right of profile view) to see how it will look to logged in Mahara users
  • Click on Done (at the bottom of the page) to finish