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Peer marking for writing skills

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📥  Case Studies

Prof Andrew Heath, from the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Bath, describes how he uses peer marking in a course to help students develop writing skills as they attempt lab reports:

In this second video, Prof Heath discusses his experience of the practicalities and choices in setting up peer marking for the first time:



Randomised Coursework

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📥  Case Studies

Peter Sloan, Department of Physics

In this case study (from accounts first published on his blog), Peter Sloan discusses the implementation of randomised coursework, followed by an evaluation over two years looking at the outcome on exam performance and considering additional questions such as bias in the outcomes.



Double blind marking on Moodle

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📥  Case Studies

Dr Steve Cayzer from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath discusses some of the background and reasons behind the department exploring the use of Moodle for double blind marking.

In the second clip, Steve discusses the lessons learnt from exploring the use of Moodle for double blind marking, producing a set of requirements.


Developing randomised e-quizzes for flexible assessment

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📥  Case Studies


The aim of this 2013-14 project was to generate large banks of applied numeracy Moodle questions to support the teaching of basic maths in Biochemistry and Chemistry. We employed and trained six students studying these subjects to create new randomised question banks in Moodle XML using PHP. Mathematical expressions were coded in LaTeX for MathJax, so that when displayed in Moodle, they would be fully accessible in all browsers, on small screens and can be magnified or read aloud if required. This method of displaying equations in Moodle is now the only available method at Bath. We have also produced the questions in a way that makes them fully accessible to disabled students by formatting the maths in MathJax.All the new questions were tested by students (although not all errors were picked up) and some of the new questions were used for formative and small-stakes summative assessment with Biochemistry Students. We have made the questions available through the top level of Moodle, and the XML and the PHP files through an online blog. (more…)


Speech writing assignments

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📥  Case Studies

Dr David Moon of the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies at the University of Bath describes how he asks his students to write their assignment as a speech rather than an essay, whilst analysing their own rhetorical techniques and processes.