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An e-platform for enhancing the Operations Game

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The project was about the development of an e-platform to improve a simulation game we play in class for the Undergraduates, the Postgraduates and the MBAs. The simulation game is a simulation game played worldwide in Operations Management classes, where students form groups and operate a manufacturing company which produces greetings cards. Throughout the game, students make important decisions re the process design, workload allocation, operations strategy etc, towards the maximisation of profits. The project introduces a new feature, through an online platform that enables students select customer orders via an auction environment. Statistical tools are also integrated to enable monitoring of their performance compared to their competitors. (more…)


Serious Games

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Dr Hannah Durrant from the Institute of Policy Research at the University of Bath discusses the rationale for embedding serious simulation games into the teaching of Social Policy.

In the next clip Hannah discusses using the simulation game Democracy 2 with students working in a special technology enabled group-work room.