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Role play for learning: Developing a process to support student designed learning activities

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This 2014-15 project worked with students to develop a framework for supporting students in designing their own learning activities. Focussing on role play activities in a third year PoLIS unit (PL30548) as a test bed. The project began by upskilling the project leads through engaging in knowledge exchanges (conversations and workshop) with external academic experts in role play design. Following this a schedule and outline plan for the unit was developed and refined through peer review from our external expert.

During S1 (2015/16) third year students were supported in designing and developing their own role-play activities linked to the unit themes and assessment and ‘played out’ in seminar sessions. A generic framework for supporting students in producing these game like learning activities was developed through an iterative process of participative evaluation and redesign.

The student generated role play learning objects extended the course content and the evaluation shows that they were effective in leading to modalities of deeper learning. The student authored roles plays provided complex and in depth seminar tasks resulting in increased student engagement.

Overall the project increased the knowledge and capacity of academic staff for leading and designing role play activities to enhance student learning.

“It is the only module in 4 years that I have actually wanted to wake up for on a Monday morning! Thank you for such an innovative and engaging course! I really hope that next year’s students have the same opportunity :-)”


Crowdfunding: a platform and a teaching tool

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This 2013-14 project aimed to enable experiential learning for entrepreneurial students across the University of Bath, and develop competence in a fast-growing means of financing new ventures – crowdsourcing. We created a crowdfunding platform where students were be able to upload their own business ideas, then evaluate and “vote” on which ideas get funded. Our aim was to help nurture the entrepreneurial talents of students, by further developing skills in communicating business ideas, evaluating prospects and pitching their ideas through images and videos. The platform (StudentStarter) was used within the Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc unit, the Zurich Community Challenge and the Operations Management unit in the School of Management.

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