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Guidelines for using blogs in higher education teaching -6 tips

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Oliver Walton, University of Bath, October 2016

Why use blogs in your teaching?

Blogs are becoming more widely used in higher education, and a growing body of evidence has explored how they can enhance learning and teaching (Oravac 2003, Williams & Jacobs 2004). Blogs provide opportunities for students to write short pieces of text that can be easily shared with other students and teachers. Blogs are generally written in a more reflective, argumentative or informal style, and can encourage students to experiment with new arguments or ideas. In general, blogs provide scope to ‘broaden learner-learner and learner-teacher’ interaction (Blackstone & Harwood 2011). (more…)


Flipping Seminars in sport, health & the social sciences

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Project Leaders: Emma Rich, Jessica Francombe-Webb, Michael Silk


The rationale for adopting a Flipped Approach within the BA Sport & Social Sciences programme was to contend with an increase in student numbers that threatened the collaborative generation of knowledge within a final year 12 credit unit (Advanced Issues in Sport, Health & the Social Sciences HL30433).

We wanted to think of innovative ways to maintain a ‘seminar-like’ learning environment whilst delivering ‘core content’ to nearly 100 students.


Using Wikis for seminar preparation

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📥  Case Studies

Dr Julie Salaber of the School of Management at the University of Bath discusses how she uses wikis for seminar preparation in her teaching:

If you would like more information, Julie has published a paper on her use of wikis:

Julie Salaber (2014) Facilitating student engagement and collaboration in a large postgraduate course using wiki-based activities, International Journal of Management Education, 12. doi:10.1016/j.ijme.2014.03.006